Anyone else have this problem with Flick jerseys?

So, I got a D.J. Flick jersey as a Christmas present a few years ago--only to have him get traded. Even with that, I didn't mind the jersey.

But now it seems every time when I wear it, when people first see it (non CFL fans) they think that it says something other than "Flick". I think all of you can guess the word in question.

I'm thinking I might change it just for that. There aren't a lot of Ticat fans in my area, so most people think it's supposed to be an exclamation some people might use to describe the team's play over the last few years.

Has anyone else had anything like this or something similar happen?

Have often noticed over the years watching televised games (of Ottawa, Hamilton & Sask.) that when D.J.'s back is in the picture, from a slight angle, the space between the "L" and the "I" disappears! This is the first reference to the "problem" I've ever heard/seen from someone else, although I'm sure many others must have noticed it.

Gain some weight and fill out that jersey son!

LOL that is so funny. We've noticed that too. It reminds me of that whole "Flick off" campaign from a few years back.