Anyone else have problems when the 'Cats call you?

Three times this year I’ve been called by the 'Cats (tickets, promotions, etc.). Three times I can barely make out that the 'Cats are calling… let alone the message. Voice volume low, drop-outs, etc.

I THINK that the message today may have been a reminder about the Boston Pizza event in my town (Cambridge) tomorrow… but I can’t be sure.

I don’t have this problem with ANY other callers. Anybody else experience this?

Oh… anybody out there know what they wanted to tell me?

only the fact that they called 100 times wondering about my season renewal and then another 50 after i renewed

I've never got a Call Guess I always Renew Early

They bought a cheap Asterisk VOIP telephone system.
You would think that somebody at the Cats offices might know enough about Linux that it runs on to make it work however??

I got a call yesterday. No problems hearing it though. Wondering why it came up as an 800 #.

But if you listen to the message, if you don't want to get messages from them, you just have to call your ticket rep to cancel it or to get them through email.