Anyone Else Have Problems Logging in?

I have a bitch of a time trying to log in to this site sometimes. Today it took me about 15 tries for the site to log me in. It keeps taking me to a page that tells me that I have "not used me account to log into the forums before" which is completely incorrect. I've had this problem from day 1 of joining the forum. I attempt log in from every possible point that you can log in from: log in button at the top, log in boxes at the bottom of the page, log in when hitting reply or quote ... you name it. Same problem.

Some days it takes 2 or 3 tries.

Some days it takes a ridiculous amount of tries (like today).

Some days it logs in right away no problem (rare).

Some days it tells me that I'm not logged in, but when I refresh the forum it shows that I AM INDEED logged in.

Some days it tells me that I'm not logged in but after I view a thread or hit the reply or quote button, suddenly I am logged in.

This is becoming exceedingly annoying. If anyone else has this problem hopefully admin can see this thread. I wonder how many potential casual users just don't bother posting here at all because of this hassle.

clearly you are a victim of


The mods and admin are out to get you :twisted:

prairiedog72; Have you tried logging in on the CFL home page? I have had minor problems from time to time; 1. when replying to a thread, sometimes I take my time and thus goes back to the last post. 2. In a game day thread when people are posting their comments as the play happens; I hit refresh button and the page tries to refresh and thus I close it, then hit forum buttom (CFL home pagr) and then back to the forum page again. Last year I had better success with Firefox but with a different computer. New computer this year useing IE still get the odd wierdness.

Actually, usually the cfl home page SHOWS ME AS LOGGED IN, when it gives me the "you have not used your account to log into the forums" page. So logging in from the home page shouldn't be an issue, because the multiple log in attempts are always after that page.

Besides, how hard should it be to log in? I shouldn't have to log in to the home page first, just like I shouldn't have to pat my head and rub my tummy while facing Ivor Wynne standing on one foot on the sabbath, clicking the mouse with the tip of my nose. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback though. :thup:

Not a problem, I think there are flaws in MRX or phpBB. :twisted: Maybe a ghost (Casper) computer will work. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had this problem last year and this year. When I finally got in again I made sure to request that I am automatically logged in next time. No problems now. But I feel your pain, it was incredibly frustrating.

This happens to me all the time. Changing screen names doesn't help either, I tried.

It gets worse!!

Yesterday, I logged in in the morning, surprisingly no problem. Then I go out for a couple of hours. I come back, I try to log in again, it gives me the "you must be logged in to use the forums" page and gives me a "log in" here link. I hit the link, it gives me the SAME PAGE, where usually that page gives me the log in windows. Repeatedly the same page with the same link over and over. Come back an hour later, same thing, close the browser, open an new one, same same same. The whole rest of the day I could not log in!!

What's the point of a forum if you can't log in to talk?

I'm really starting to think that it's not the php forum at all. It's the site. You have a site ID and then a forum ID. The forum checks the site for a go ahead to let you log in or something, and the site is not giving the go ahead. I don't know, this is just my feeling, but this is what I'm startingto think it is.

I don't have ANY other log in problems on ALL of the other php forums that I post on. Just here.

I've got no site and forum ID are the same. Do you have two different ID's?. if so perhaps only one ID is all you need and/or should have. Once I log in on the site,.. I'm automatically logged into the fanzone forum when I click to go there.

I have to say that during this last time of site problems, I never had log in problems.

I use IE

I have the forums in my favorite so I come directly here

I have set to be automatically logged on.

I cliche once, I am here, I can post.

My site ID is prairiedog, which is the ID that I use on several forums. The site accepted that name but then when I tried to join the forum prairiedog was in use already, the site made me choose a different ID. So I added the 72. I had to.

I never log into the site. The first couple times that I logged into the forums it let me in straight away just fine, so I shouldn't have to log into the site. When I log into the forum (and it happens to work) it automatically logs me into the site as well.

I use multiple computers, so I never stay logged in, and I never let the browser "remember" passwords or let it automatically log me in to any site. I never do that, so I should never be let in from previously being logged in, if you understand. Each log in attempt is a fresh attempt. I have the same troubles logging in regardless of which computer I use.

I remember last year I had an older computer that was haveing memory problems and it was a nightmare. I got a newer computer (2008 vista) and no problems now. Another thing you could try is restore computer back to manufacture settings? The only thing with that is: it is an all day reconfigure with tons of updates, but could be worth it none the less.

Maybe you have a stale cookie. Have you tried deleting so the site can generate a new one?

either that, or there are too many chocolate chips in his cookie :wink:

I phoned the Als office and, a very polite staff person took action to rectify this problem.

OMFG! Three days of banging my head against the wall I finally can log in. I had to re-link my user ID to my site account, which emails me, then I have to open my email and hit a link to confirm. What a joke.

Also, I can’t find anywhere on this forum a link to contact admin and obviously no one in admin has bothered to read this thread. There is no comments from admin about this OR ANY of the other issues people have been having with missing posts and screwed up post orders. This is a league official forum board with zero service.

Maybe I ought to invite everyone back over to 13thman. Traffic is not near what it used to be over there but D’s on top of things. The place works. Jeez.

I'm going to log out now. I'm afraid to. I don't know when I'll be able to log back in.

Looks like the Riders are having a TON of problems logging in!

:lol: :lol: