Anyone else hate seeing Steelers gear at game?

I'm sure that the Eskimos experience the same thing with Packers jerseys but it really ticks me off to see fans come to the games decked out in their Steelers gear.

  1. I get that the colours are the same
  2. I get that you like the NFL
  3. I get that you probably think that the NFL is better than the CFL
  4. You would be offended if I went to Pittsburgh (or Buffalo for that matter) wearing my Ticat gear. More than likely though, you have never been to Pittsburgh and the closest you have seen them is in Buffalo.

I personally think there is a time and place to wear your NFL gear, but just not at a CFL game.

Personally, I am not too miffed when I see folks wear NFL gear at a game (e.g. Pats or Giants gear to Molson Stadium for an Als game). As a Raider fan however, anything Steeler invites a lit match. LOL :wink:

Seriously though, it's not a biggie for me as the guy/gal wearing NFl gear is there and directly supporting the CFL in a paid seat. I don't see it as someone trying to "convert" people away from enjoyment of the Canadian game. I love gridiron football on both sides of the border: there's no "threat" to me, speaking for myself.

Oski Wee Wee,


If they are there and watching, even if they got a seat from a friend from a friend sort of thing, that's good by me, they might buy some drinks and food and that all helps and they might actually enjoy the game and come back as well. I guess we have to remember it's not easy wearing NFL stuff or NCAA stuff and be able to take in pro game right in your own backyard without having to travel to another country and a distance.

I'm just glad I get to go though wearing TiCats stuff, just seems to fit in and make more sense to me. :wink:

It dont bother me. Football is football is football. CFL NFL, CIS, NCAA, UFL, heck I even have some XFL stuff.

XFL Trivia: who scored the first points in the first XFL game. Hint: he is still playing in the CFL, and is the kicker with the BC Lions.

Isn't that what Bart Andrus said?

irritates the hell out of me too! you are not alone on this one.

it also begs the does a citizen of, say Hamilton, become a fan of the Dallas Cowboys? do they like the colours? do they wish to go to Dallas?

i don't get it at all? :roll:

I am a Steelers fan and a Ticat fan and a football fan,I have been to Pitt and I have worn Ticats gear there.I also have shown Steelers fans in Heinz Field how to do an OSKEE WEE WEE. Cat fans are passionate like Steeler fans and they are passionate football fans also. Yeah I will wear where a Steelers hat to a Cats game with a Ticat shirt. I dont get guys wearing Hockey jersey to a football game though!!?

If that is all you have to complain about, you have a good life.

Speaking of Steelers gear...what does everyone think of their retro jerseys in todays game. A lot of stripes!

I wear my Ti-Cat gear when I go to NFL games.

Depends on how old you are. I cheer for the 49ers because they were always on TV when I started watching football and I really liked Joe Montana, so I became a fan of theirs. If you grew up in the 1970s, the Cowboys and Steelers were probably on TV a lot because they won a lot. I don’t think it is all that weird.

Still love the Vikings from my youth days as a Purple Eater Super Bowl team. Go Vikes for the SB.

Does that mean I don't have seasons for the Cats and respect the Grey Cup as much, probably more, than the Super Bowl? Of course not, my name isn't Paul Godfrey, Phil Lind or Larry Tanenabaum, thank god, or thank God is best. Us fans of both leagues are way beyond these little narrow-minded people despite how much money they might have.

I really don't like seeing people wearing NFL stuff at CFL games, but they are paying customers, so I guess I can put up with it. It's kind of like all these companies who advertise on CFL telecasts just to proclaim that they are proud sponsors of the NFL. Thanks for your money, but you have a strange way of showing your support.

I've always thought that there might be an opportunity for teams to make a little more money from this. How about a surcharge on every fan trying to get into a CFL stadium wearing NFL paraphernalia. That should raise a few extra dollars at the gate. :wink:

One of the great things about traveling North America as much as I do, is the opportunity to watch sports of all kinds in so many different cities. As a Ti-cat season ticket holder, but also an avid Steelers fan, I would never confuse my black and gold at a game (Henley Jersey for the Cats/Franco Harris for the Steelers). But I don't think it particularly odd when I see the other black and gold at a Cats game. In fact, when I bring visiting Americans to see the game for the first time, I always tell them just wear black and gold and I'll let you in (lol).
I would point out however, the huge similarities between the cultures of these teams, the cities and their fans.
Obviously, both are Steel towns first and foremost, and while both cities have 'grown up' the culture remains.
The black and gold teams from both cities have always been known first and foremost for defense.
They are rare in both leagues as stadiums where the defense is cheered more than the offense.
Indeed, it warmed my heart to see the cheers for the all-time defensive squad on the weekend be so much louder than the cheers for the offensive team.
Both teams fans are also committed, supporting their teams through the good and bad, and travel to support them.
(I've been to Steelers bars in crazy places like Chicago, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Cave Creek (AZ) where you have to have season tickets to the bar for a seat on a Steelers Game Day)
Obviously I'm biased, but I think that what both teams have is rare and special, and you certainly appreciate it more when you've been around both leagues.

I loved the stripes! Great retro look ! They reminded me of our TiCat stripes. I'm sure Pouncey and the rest of the Oline were not thrilled . Horizontal stripes are not slimming. :lol: My "man cave" is mostly TiCat stuff but the Steelers are there ,too. I don't mind seeing NFL gear at Ivor Wynn. At least it shows you're interested in football. I have 2 football sweaters: my TiCat #23 and Westdale#23. For some strange reason, the high school one doesn't fit anymore. I think Homer Simpson had the same problem but he solved it with a moo moo!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I too, am a devout Steeler fan, but more importantly, I am a Ticat fan. Oddly enough for similarities

already pointed out, Pittsburgh is my favourite NFL team. Hamilton and Pittsburgh boast steel making

and the black and gold mentality.

It wouldn't matter to me however, if I was sitting in IWS surrounded by NFL colours. The people wearing

those colours have paid the price of admission and can wear whatever they desire. Moreover, I am quite

comfortable going to NFL games in my Ticat colours.

When I see another jersery from a team not participating in the game I'm at, I always think "ummm they aren't playing here today". I don't get doesn't bother me but I don't get it.