anyone else embarrassed from the Labour day blow out?

That was hard pill to swallow last night. i ended up swollowing about 8 coronas and i still didnt feel any better about it. i forgot i normally drink big rock lime during a stamps esk game. they always win when i do. next week for sure. we need redemption. that was just aweful to watch. its been a long time since i have witnessed something like that. i havtn been that angry since the west final.

I was embarrassed for Calgary. I never thought i would see the day that a Huffnagel and Chris Jones team would come out flat and play that bad-

Defensively I think the boys quit and lost steam after they knew that Burris was completely rattled again.

I am not concerned too much about the poor defensive showing--

I am wondering if RICH STUBLER owns Burris-- From his days in Toronto, Stubler's defenses have always resulted in Burris standing there looking and throwing INTS or incompletions--

Edmonton was smart, they took away the fast throws, the easy throws, the zone read plays, and forced Burris into a pocket passer that has to look downfield and read the defense--
Burris even though he has Huffnagal a QB GURU who coached BRADY and Manning and Dickenson cannot read a defense at all-
Burris is athletic with a rocket arm and good speed- However he is not a thinking QB--
When Henry has to think and read the defense he rarely does it- back to back losses to SASK in playoffs, 2 losses to Edmonton where they made him a drop back passer--

I think if Burris has the BIG EYES and rattled face, Huffnagel should pull him way earlier and put TATE IN-- I am not sure TATE is even ready at this point-- CLEO LEMON imo would be a perfect backup--
If Burris is rattled, you can go with LEMON who will finally have real receivers to throw the ball to.

Stamps are fine, but in tight games vs rivals its always the battle of Burris with himself- Burris is not strong mentally, he folds really fast, if he didnt have this tremendously intelligent coaching staff he would potentally IMO be one of the worst QBS to play PRO football- Lots of guys can throw hard and stare right at a receiver--

Bottom line is good QBS dont do what Burris did yesterday. So its clear that Burris is the weak link of the Stamps---

I guess you have to hope for HOT HENRY, but that is pretty much a 50-50 chance.

we have been rolling the dice with burris for a long time. i have never felt he is an exeptional QB by any means. I have always felt the recievers he gets in Calgary, and the good running back core, has helped be known as a star in the CFL, as aposed to if he was a QB in Toronto, he would be average at best.

Tate ready? No qb is ready until they start taking first team reps. without practice and game time, your always just in waiting.

Give him a break. He had a bad game. Not 7 like some of the others. :oops:
His biggest problems seem to occur when he has had a week off. :?
Maybe it would be better for them to finish in 2nd. :wink:

No offense but I disagree about Burris. Yes he's had a good supporting cast but I don't think you win a Grey cup and MVP honors without being very good yourself. I think he would be better than average in a place like toronto. In fact I wouldn't really want anyone else at QB for my stamps. sense wasting internet space and opening a new thread about yesterday's debacle, this thread pretty much still sums it up...

Yes, it seems the team can't play consistantly from week to week, one good game, one bad game, a Jeckle and Hyde personality.
Probably should win next week in Moncton as they play better on the road (for whatever reason).