Anyone else bothered by TV the coverage

The number of missed snaps, kicks, penalties etc is getting to be really annoying.
We seldom see the player setup if they do switch back to the field in time for the snap and similarly would not see a blocked kick as the ball is usually in the air by they time we see it.
And all this so they can show 20 sec of the backup QB warming up or their full screen profile of the "3 Starters" to watch.
In the Riders Stamps game they cutaway for commercial after a penalty flag was indicated and when they returned to the play they never commented on who got the penalty or why.
Just a few examples

...I think covering a live sporting event would be probably one of the hardest things for a TV crew to handle, expecting perfection is unreasonable in my other words, minor hiccups that are not influential on the game are no big deal

I am extremely happy with them overall. The one thing I would like to see change if sideline interviews. Give up injury updates and such, forget the interviews.

I'm not a fan of the camera angles or lack of but I realize the CFL field is simply too big and many stadiums too small to give you proper wide angles.

I get pissed off when they wait 15 seconds then go to a replay, or do the replay for the 3rd time and get back to the play just as the snap happens, or even sometimes into the play. I want to see them line up.

I'd like a caption of the 20 second clock.
Live stats scrolling at the top of the screen
More top angles and wide angle shots.
No Rod Black
More sideline interviews

they do spend way too much time off the field. sticking cameras into the faces of Coaches, players, FANS.

they need to go and talk with the NFL tv crews and learn a few things.

Only 2 things that bother me; returning to the play after the snap, which happens too much, and not reporting penalties. Talking over the official, going to commercial and returning without even a mention that there was a flag, ect. Even just the banner above the score with the penalty info would be better than nothing, however, they only seem to do that when they do tell you about the penalty.

Yeah, I was watching recently, from ESPN3 or MS/NBC, they use the exact TSN feed. A team fumbles and loses the ball, then break for a commercial, after return the other team had the ball again. Funny. :frowning:

Thanks for the comments

They are capable of quality coverage as it used to be but they have become so full of themselves and the production techniques that covering the game is secondary. If they miss a penalty or whatever they carry on like it never happened and hope no one noticed.
ps: Fox missed the last play (pick off at first) of the Sox/Cards Sun game because they were on a crowd shot! Good thing recording was invented.

Well, since we're complaining about things we don't like, I have two.

One is when a player leaves the game due to injury, they rarely if ever tell you who is replacing him.

Second is I wish they'd ditch that "starters to watch" feature and give us the complete starting lineups/positions, as they used to do.

Very disappointed this year.

To Rod Black- would you please tell us " Who made the tackle ".

Watching the Calgary vs Sask game last weekend it seemed to me that there were many more commercials than usual which is fine if the on-field crew can keep us up-to-date but they don't. I also take issue with all the sideline shots when I would much rather the camera focus on what is happening on the field. I realize they can't cover everything but they could do a much better job of simply showing the game w/o all the stupid chatter and close-ups of players on the sidelines that seem to last much longer than needed. As for Rod Black, we got very lucky last weekend as he was covering Skate Canada - too bad there weren't more skating competitions coming up.

Agreed. That should be a given. They could always highlight the feature player with a special graphic or a photo next to the name but showing the entire starting line up should be standard. They don't have to go through a photo spread with every guy announcing his name and college like some NFL telecasts, but it should be easy enough to throw up the names on the screen. Maybe they just need a sponsor to go at the end of "The starting line ups are brought to you by...."

I agree, go back to putting up the full starting line ups. We really do not need the stadium commentators blabbing on before the game as we already had the in studio panel setting up the game before that. Use that time to show the starting line ups and talk about the key players then.

they show the starting lineups on the first 2 drives. Sometimes more it is is a quick 3 and out.

Agree....why only give 3 of 12 starters to watch....takes only about 5 sec to intro the starting lineups....with roster changes and injuries it's hard enough to keep up with who is playing at what position.Also earlier on in the season,on more than two occasions,they had a pic of Corey Grant instead of Bakari Grant,just a suggestion,but maybe you can have somebody update the player data base??? Corey is now one of our coaches and retired 4 yrs ago,why is his pic still on file??? Also one more thing....we all KNOW ALREADY that Duran Carter's daddy is Chris,who played in the NFL,is a hall of famer,blah,blah,blah......knock off with the Bromances and the A-Kissing to the Big Boy League,all it does is make us look desperate for approval from the States.....kinda like the little kid,screaming LOOK IT ME!!!! LOOK IT ME!!!!as he pulls on your pantleg,screaming for attention.

THANK YOU, bobo! I was starting to think I was the only one who was sick of that. You have stated my feelings to a tee!

And it always used to bug me when they would talk about a 9-year veteran and say "...out of Ohio State". Once a player's CFL experience exceeds his college experience, I no longer care what college they went to. But now it's getting worse. Some of them talk about what HIGH SCHOOL these guys played for. Really? What's next? What hospital these guys were born in? They go on and on about unimportant information like that, and don't tell you why the other team suddenly has the ball, or is now backed up on their own 3-yard line.

And there was a game last week when they showed somebody standing on the sideline, and returned to the action just in time to see the tackle. You don't know who has the ball, what kind of play it was, how many yards they got (if any), or anything, and of course the commentators are no help, because they're too busy talking about that guy standing on the sideline, and where he went for dinner last night or some other dumb thing like that. Then they have to show you the replay to catch you up, and nearly miss the next play.

The frustrating thing is, it didn't USED to be this way. There is a right way to do it, and this is not it.

What is really bothering me is missing plays because of the amount and lenght of commercials they are running.