Anyone else bitter?

Im going to call it as it is right now. Im pissed off.

Regardless of what you think of Scott Mitchell, Kent Austin, Collaros or Masoli this whole Argos thing absolutely drives me nuts.

When we signed Austin it was our turn for organizational stability. We were going to have long term success. Then Collaros, we have our QB. Back to back Grey Cups... no matter, we're going to own the east for years to come. It's only a matter of time.

Then Ottawa passes us. I don't care why. They pass us. No problem, Collaros is back and healthy. We'll be back. Not only does Ottawa pass us but they win the Grey Cup. I don't care why.

Toronto signs Popp and Trestman. Here we go. Not the end of the world because we're ahead of them in the re-build. Oh, SJ Green for nothing. Wonderful.

Tonight takes the cake. They rebuild in 1 year and win the Grey Cup. 9-9. We can't even get to 9-9.
Im not blaming Austin, Mitchell, Jones, Briles, Young, Collaros, Masoli, anyone. I don't care.

If I was Bob Young I would be looking in the mirror and asking God what I have to do to somehow figure this out, because this flat out sucks.

Sadly, the TiCat nation should look into their mirrors and speak with their feet as I did. I was tired of hearing the same old Bob story, the same old Coaching stories and the same old Ticket rep and Sales manager stories.
While deep down this Argo win stings just a bit, it justifies to me that I did right by not giving any more of my hard earned money to this org until BIG changes happen. I don't believe the current owner or office executives or coaches have it in them, except for being great story tellers will bad promises.

What I saw tonight was a lucky finish by Toronto.

I did notice that both qb's are much more accurate than or qb in masoli......hence we should go with collaros or johnny football....

i also noticed that both these teams have great pass rushers....

We need a good qb and another pass rusher to go with Tracey to be able to compete with these guys

It sounded to me that Ray hinted at retirement saying it would be a nice way to end things .

So , I figure he will follow Burris footsteps and retire on top .

The question is : who will the Argos go after ? Johnny Manziel or zack ?

I hope we don't just cut zack and have the argos pick him up for nothing.

I agree with both of you. We watch from the sidelines as everyone else wins. Its a joke. How about that Grey Cup were supposed to get? The good old 5 year plan. 17 years and counting.

Yup. Worked for Toronto. All 12,000 fans.

Do you really think we aren't winning because Bob is sitting on his hands making so much money he won't put back into the team?

Us losing is not for lack of trying.

And the point of this thread wasn't to lay blame on anyone. Toronto winning shows it actually doesn't take much to eventually Fall into a grey cup.

I agree Crash. I'm pissed off too. I realize prudent decisions are involved in creating a winning team, and I feel the Ticats have tried doing that. But winning also involves a lot of luck too. It seems like the Argos had that luck in 2012 and here in 2017, and the Red Blacks had that luck in 2016. And it seems like the luck doesn't go our way, like it didn't go in 2014. Watch, knowing our luck the Ticats will lose the 2018 Grey Cup game to the Stamps, who will finally win it after losing the previous two.

Another thing that stinks is the Grey Cup is going to a city that doesn't really care for it.

Note to the Ticats: Keep Collaros or else this bad string of luck will continue!

A used minivan won the race.

Yeah that's what I find most frustrating. The 1-17 team in 2003 made sense. Franchise was in total disarray, so being terrible on the field was expected.

But I can't figure out what's going on now. Ownership is trying to win. Money is being spent. Moves are being made. It's just not working out. And man is it driving me crazy.

If Montreal manages to turn around their dumpster fire of a team and win a cup before us I'll really lose my mind.

Our Ticats never fail to disappoint! It’s just the way it is ever since they changed the leaping Tiger ? to the new one ! A CURSE!

Toronto's win is a reflection of their head coach. Mr. Trestman knows how to teach, lead and motivate.

I expect that under June Jones we will be a better team next year.

It will taste wonderful when we finally get it though!!

Yep, the logo is losing us games!

Yes goodness. I have been preaching the keep Collaros phrase since he was benched. Not many in the Hammer agrees and yeah, the bad string of luck is on itz way because someone in the organization is going to be stupid and let Zack go.

Without turning this into a QB debate thread.... when you have THE qb. (Reilly. Mitchell. Ray) you're always relevant.

This is the organization let Collaros and Harris walk because they were not going to give up on Ray. Multiple owners GMs and Head Coaches all thought the same.... its paid off again.

Crash: I agreed with your first post, although I knew the moment I read it that this thread would quickly turn into a blend of all the other complaint threads that we seem doomed to rehash on this site.

Everyone has their own theory of why things have gone wrong. Personally I am a big believer in the Curse theory, until anyone can come up with a better explanation.

I agree.
There's a million reasons WHY we are in this spot.

That's not the point. The point is Toronto didn't put together a long term plan. Hell they hired Poop and Trestman AFTER free agency.

Think about that.

Let's not give up on Zack! Exactly the point!
Ok back to bitter.

Silver lining is an entertaining game with a TOR win means the anti CFL media headquarted in TOR have to give league a little more oxygen before they go back to what really is important like Colin Kapernick, what Auston Matthews had for lunch or what an MLB insider thinks of the Jays starting rotation.(hope he,s optimistic !)

A great game with a CAL win is too easy to mention then quickly swat away because the CFL is really just a western thing right ? Not real sports, you know, like we have here in the part of Canada that matters.

The Argos were a team of destiny this year. Popp put together a roster of castoffs with chips on their shoulders, found an exciting RB, and hired a fantastic HC and DC. Plus, Ray and Posey made incredible plays down the stretch.

Toronto earned it. I don’t like it, but they are a good team.

On the other hand, IMO, Calgary will be cleaning house after this second Cup disappointment.

Surprisingly, I'm not bitter at all.
Congrats to ex TiCats Rico Murray and Cassius Vaughn, they played a big part in that win.
Also, Kudos to Johnny Sears, Jeff Mathews and Tommy Condell.
When Vaughn scooped the fumble and ran it back for the TD, I was laughing at the Stamps,
It didn't upset me in the slightest! :slight_smile: