Anyone driving to the grey cup?

So, my family in Calgary has tix to the grey cup. I’m in Hamilton and lost lost my ID a week ago. Although it’s on its way I doubt it’ll arrive in time. So I can’t fly.

Anyone driving? Or want to organize a group trip?

Any ideas welcome. I know there’s a train headed out there but it leaves Wednesday. A little early for me to leave work. Hoping to leave Friday. Anyway thanks for your time and any help.

I hope you realize it’s a 40 hour drive with good road conditions. Leaving on Friday would make it pretty tight. Good luck.

And then the 40 hour drive home after Sunday nights game.

Hey… 37 3/4 hrs. Been there. Done that. Straight.

Don’t drive to Calgary in a hurry ,you’ll be exhausted ,or I would be…

No ID at all?

Any temporary ID available ? Push for it which I’m sure you already have ,try some more .

Had my Passport & all ID stolen in Amsterdam in the 70’s . Got a temporary passport and travelled home .

I believe if you apply in person at a “Service Canada? type place, and pay an extra fee, you can get a new passport in under a week. Service Ontario should be able to give you a temp drivers licence on the spot.

Both may require you knowing your respective registration number however?

Darn, I was close! I’ve done it over 4 days. I’ve only done the straight drive back from Winnepeg in 24 hours.