Anyone changing their VC pick now that Pierce is out?

so how many of you are going to change your Winnipeg picks to Montreal now that Pierce is out?

I have been waiting to see how the situation in both montreal and wpg plays out. I really dont think a healthy Brink is that much of a step down from Buck. But how healthy is he? Same with AC. should he really be playing already? I may wait until the last moment to make my pick on that one.

im so far out now, it wont make any difference. leaving it alone and hoping for the best.

I personally originally picked Montreal expecting Pierce and Brink both to be out and have changed it because Brink is in..

I wrestled a lot with this one, but finally I made my pick in spite of the qbs for each team. I beleive montreal to be the better team, but I feel like wpg will win this one anyhow.

Didnt pick until after the announcement, so its not technically a "change", but I did pick Montreal based on the fact that Pierce isn't playing.

No Pierce = disaster
Bishop = worse!