Anyone buying the williams jersey

Is anyone going to buy it other than argo fans?

The lastest bid for the first signed Williams' ARGO [at E-BAY] jersey is :

$1,026.00 U.S. :rockin: :cowboy: :thup:

wow...argotom says, they are soldout of williams jerseys at rogerscentre and have them on someones buying them.

There is a waiting list ,I was at THE END ZONE ARGO shop. :thup:

no way!


i'm getting one in the next couple of weeks.

I'm getting one and then putting it up on my dart board at home with some balloons behind it filled with ketchup, will be nice to see that blood oozing from it like Friday's game where the Cats manhandled the Argos with ease and Williams (although will admit he had no blocking at all).


Williams doesn't need blocking, he's all pro NFL..and of course the NFL has so much more talent than our little old CFL league :wink:

No need for a Ricky jersey here in Sask, we already have a doormat... they are called the Bombers... :lol:

Doormat is no way to describe a legendary Canadian football team. Show some respect sambo..we all know, you like the Bombers...your always on our home site, singing the praises of our Bombers.. :lol:

ya, I'm running out of toilet paper

Hey man,

Like ah, I went down to Sky train, ah you know to buy my stash, an uh, like they were giving Ricky jersey's away with every twelve bags like they sold. So um, its like a real cool deal dude to get this....... :cowboy:

:lol: :lol: :lol: that is very funny.