Anyone Buy OTHER Teams Jerseys?

Obviously the majority of us are Die-Hard Tiger-Cats fans but does anyone else purchase jerseys from other CFL teams?

I say this because I just got a STEAL!

I bought a Gold Blue Bombers jersey (Fred Reid) brand new w/ RONA and CanadINNS patches for $20. The guy received it overseas and he said that he 1) Doesn't even like football and 2) It's too big for him (it's a large)... $20 freaking dollars! How could I resist?

I also own a #27 R. Williams jersey. I thought it was cool that he signed in the CFL so I bought it for $40 at a sports store... good deal, no?

I liked the overall design and novelty of the Stamps' black jerseys when they first came out, so I picked up an Allen Pitts one sometime in the 90s. At one point I was tempted to pick up a Memphis Mad Dogs jersey, but never followed through.

I haven't. The only circumstances in which I think I might is if I moved to some other CFL city and wanted to cheer for the home side at games that the TiCats aren't playing in.

I have a blue team jersey because I'm into voodoo.

Hi Ockham:

I trust some poor sole isn't wearing it when you're sticking pins in it????

I am a diehard Ticats Fan and we also have Season tickets with the Blue team because we love supporting the CFL. So when we go to an Argos game we dress in the visitors colours because we hate the Argos :lol:


I laughed to hard at this comment…

I prefer the "Arson Welles" approach using petroleum products and an Eddy match to give any Boatman apparel that special glow.

:D :D :D

Oski Wee Wee,


I do. My current goal is to have a game worn home and away from every team that's played in the last 30 years.

I have at least one jersey from every team except Saskatchewan and Birmingham. I even have home and away of the Argos - Rob Crifo and Mike Campbell. Crifo is a great guy and played for several teams and Campbell went on to be a Grey Cup winning Tiger Cat so I am OK with them hanging in my closet.

I have several Tiger Cat jerseys to counter the Argo jerseys - Winfield, Ruoff, Montford, Hamilton, Shaw and Motton.

I might be most proud of my US jersey collection which includes Mike Pringle's 94 Grey Cup jersey, David Archer's San Antonio jersey and Jeff Cummins's (another Cat Grey Cup winner) Las Vegas Posse jersey.

I may bleed black and gold, but I love the CFL as a whole so as long as they are game worn, they can hang with me.


What a great collection!

It would be great if it could somehow be put on display somewhere, sometimes.

Maybe at a tailgate fundraiser, or some Tiger-Cat game event.

I'd love to see pics.

Do you even have a Concordes' jersey?

Thanks Kirk!

I am working on the Alouettes/Concordes. I have:

1980/81 Bob Gaddis/Joe Kluko Blue #22
1985 Concordes white Doug Scott (I would love to have the jersey James Zachary is wearing in the pic you attached!)
1986 Alouettes red Joe Barnes and White "Taylor"
1997 Tracy Ham

So, I have a white Concordes but am still looking for a red one.

Auction's closed, but how's this one?

[url=] ... &lotid=908[/url]

Any Bummer jersey isnt worth 2cents let alone 20 bucks. I dislike them more than the blue team these days :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds like an offshore product that would not be licensed by the CFL, however, if you are happy with it that's all that matters.

p.s. Bombers stink and Reid isn't even in the league ... enjoy your jersey!

I'm a hardcore CFL fan and I have them all. At latest count (just a couple of minutes ago) between my spouse and I we have 41 CFL jerseys in all. (I bought all hers of course.) They all have a "Radically Canadian" patch and properly sewn on numbers, #3 on mine and #7 on hers.

I've posted many of them on several threads on this forum but the Search program here is so bad I can't find them readily.


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Tons of times
Pandemic year especially got all kinds of swag (SportChek had all kinds of clearance specials, so it lots of team mismatches)

Lions and Alouettes are only teams in league that I do not own something from

I bought a Vikings jersey back in the 1970's then gave it away. I had a Raiders jersey a few decades ago and wore it out. In the coming years when I journey to other CFL football cities to watch a game I'll bite the bullet and buy some local merch. I think that'll be the right thing to do.

I would break out in a rash by default if I wore the opponents gear


Up until now I thought that kind of thing only happened to me. Maybe if we wear other teams jerseys over top of our undershirts and under our OWN team jerseys we can get past the skin problem.

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I would proudly wear a T-shirt with a CFL league logo on it to show my support for the CFL as a whole.

However wearing another non-Ti-Cat team's jersey would feel kind of dirty and fake.