Anyone been to Ticats practice this week

Just wondering who is getting first team reps at receiver. If Sinfield is and if Tolliver or Addison is out there. Are they deploying Green and White in the same backfield.

Tolliver is done for the season I believe. Remaining starting wr’s are Tasker and Jones although not sure if Jones started the season

I haven’t been to practice, but you have to think Addison and perhaps Thomas Erlington will be added to the receiver rotation.

As I’ve said in other threads, I’d also like to see them somehow add White and Mercer Timmis to the offence.

This team has lots of talent. Let’s use it.

I thought there was a chance Tolliver could be back this year, perhaps for the East semi-final. Is he definitely a no go?

Not 100% sure with Toliver because it was an undisclosed injury. But with him on the 6 gm still pretty sure he isn’t allowed to practice. It would be good if he cam back we kinda need some experienced guys.

I believe Tolliver is out for concussion protocol

Todays presser

Tracy and Neil are “full go”

Sink is staying with Banks the last 3 days, “he’s been schooling him on routes and reads and Sink came in with Jeremiah yesterday”

I love it. Speedy continues, arm in a sling, to be a major contributor to his team.

What a great example Speedy is as a parent to little Speedy,there’s no giving up in his dad. 8) 8) ;D

That’s changed a bit, after Day 2. Coach says Neill will play. A decision on Tracy won’t be made until after the Day 3 final practice. Also, Breaux was limited in his participation, but will play.

There is a good read by Milton on it here plus more

Sink at practice

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