Anyone been at the training camp

Yes, Darian Durant is still here. And with Orban in camp, we do have 4 potentially good QBs....

I don't know if its going to be possible for a QB from the CIS to make it in the CFL. I am sure teal has the physical assets to do it and should be able to learn the offence, but there is such a huge gap in the speed of the game that I am not sure that he or any other CIS QB can overcome that especially as a QB. If you look at NCAA ball and how quickly the pocket develops and how fast the pocket develops in a CIS game you can see what I mean in the sense that NCAA QBs have experience playing a faster developing game already thus have a huge foot up on CIS QBs but just opinion

Alright, Just got back from the second practice of the morning.

Qb’s: All the Qb’s seemed to be doing fairly well today. (didn’t catch any of Tate) the Offence seemed to get the better of the defence today with numerous touchdown passes and runs. Jyles landed a perfectly thrown ball on the flag/endzone corner route to corey grant. Orban hit Dj Flick with a perfectly placed ball for a Td. Crandell hit Fanutz on carbon copy of the grant TD and as for Tate either he didn’t catch my eye or he was sitting for the practice I was at. Both Marcus and Jyles looked good today Teale Orban and Durant were also able to move the ball.

Rb’s:Didn’t notice childs at all (wasn’t looking for him im not a fan, when I did watch him in earlier practices he seemed uninterested which made me uninterested)
Griffin had some good cuts and runs got stuffed a few times, Stu Foord is making it tough for the coaches and making a name to stay on the team to some extent. The Running back/ full back that caught my eye most however was Neal Hughes a couple great runs and cutbacks which got the offensive coaches fired up.

Receivers: Dressler made some good catches over the middle, was used a couple times on a screen pass and successfully I might add. Fantuz, Flick, Grant, and Palmer were great they pretty much showed the rookie receivers who was boss. Bowman participated in simple route running but not in scrimmages. Washington and Marshall were running routes nothing that really caught my eye (theres alot going on out there hard to watch them all hah)

Offensive Line: From what I saw I still stick by January and his beastly ways, the DL’s were trying to get at a green pad on 1 on 1’s January pushed back and pretty much pancaked John Chick who is no pushover. Geno, O’day did well Abou will be in a battle to maintain his spot (possible trade of the loser of this battle) Wayne Smith got injured needed the trainer looked as though it was his wrist or thumb he was favouring and went to the dressing room. The newbie we drafted Jean-Francois Morin Roberge had a rough day, he got owned and I mean owned three times in a row by Devon Hicks.

Defensive Line: Stuffed the run like usual, when not lined up against January Shultz was causing some Havoc, chunky was given’r.

Linebackers: Fun to watch they sure are yappy hah, Mo Lloyd was singing, Mike McCullough jokin with the new guys, Kitwana yelling DEFENCE! DEFENCE! when they were about to begin scrimmage against the Offence. But McCullough had a nice pass knock down near the line, Brock Stratton stayed with his man on a pitch and met him in the backfield. Mo and Kitwana were lookin solid as well.

Db’s- Wasn’t watching closely but the Offence had them today I feel, they allowed plenty of throws underneath with what looked like plenty of YAC yards to be made. Lots of TD’s today, even Eddie was a victim of an Andy Fantuz 1 on 1 TD. Breakdown in coverage one time I recall three db’s were around Vincent Marshall while Palmer stood in the back of the endzone with no one around. There were a few knock downs and tips at the line that could and should have been interecepted but I seen none.

Kickers- Boreham was punting well, Luca seemed to be kicking field goals well; as well had a few nicely placed angled punts towards the sideline, I still give advantage to Boreham in punting. Kevin Scott the longsnapper is in fact more of an athlete than Frenette but, Frenette made a point to hustle hard after the snap and was the first down field almost every time.

*Sidenote, was sitting by Cal Murphy who was also absorbing some training camp action and holy is that Colts superbowl ring ever ballin and large! As well Bassi the defensive lineman with the massive beard we signed was seen after practice walkin the sidelines in a walking cast.

That is true, but at the same time, being used to the wider field and the extra defensive back gives the CIS guys a huge advantage in reading the field and playing the game.

The issue then becomes which is easier to develop? An ability to adjust to the speed (which players at each position have to do when making the jump) or an ability to play on the wider field and read defenses.

love all the news from camp lads! keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

i suspect bowman is not used to the field size yet, thus just the route practise. im not sure about any of you but im excited to see him step up to OUR plate.

if marcus doesn't have the biggest smile on his face, he better be focused... he's sat on the bench a too long. i am also pleased that jyles sounds like a competent no.2 should that be the case.

i only have ?s with the LBs, but i trust that'll fall into place.

---sigh--- i miss my friday night football :frowning:

^Bauman is dealing with an injury atm (hamstring I think). Probably why he was not invoved in any contact drills.

History lends its self to the American QBs being able to transition easier. I really would be something special if Teal can make the roster next yeat, unfortunately I don't see that happening but it would be something special to have a local guy at QB.