Anyone been at the training camp

Just wondering what Weston Dresler has been looking like out there, as well as how Drew Tate has been doing?

id also like to know about these to. all i know if Kitwana already has his final warning about being late. and Shultzy is injured.

If you guys want some solid reports on how training camp is going day to day, has a sticky dedicated to training camp reports as well as pictures and such.

Dresler I feel is a gem, watching him at training camp he is by far the fastest receiver and can constantly blow past the db's he has good hands and catches the ball in stride and can reach top gear in as few as three steps.

Drew Tate I feel hasn't been spectacular its still early but It will be Jyles and Durant battling for second spot I feel, Jyles has a cannon for an arm and has no hesitation what so ever of taking of and running with the ball and he has a good set of wheels. Durant still doesnt seem to have the arm strength for the long ball but has been good on the short and medium passes and appears to be comfortable throwing while rolling out.

For me I am most impressed with Glenn January he is a beast out there in the 1 on 1 drills against the D-lineman he is owning them. Adarius Bowman is also a great signing very fluid and smoothe motion,soft hands, and appears to see the field very well so can get alot of YAC yards.

Went to rookie camp. Went out of town and missed last 2 days. Dresler and Bowman sound like good players. Any body know more about Mike Washington? Or Dominguez? When will they come back. Has Coach Miller said what is going on with them? If they cant I hope you are right about Bowman and Dresler. Nothing about Vincent Marshall. ET said all winter on Riderville how fast he is. Nothing on him since camp started. Maybe Tillman was wrong about Marshall.

The injuries to Dominguez and Washington might take more time than most expect, Dominguez I believe was going for another Cybex test Ken Miller was surprised at the set back on the last test because he had seen Dominguez running routes and catching balls so they were saying a month possibly before he is ready. Im not 100% on Washington but here is an article that was in the leader post about Dominguez:

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Marshall does have good speed it just seems Dresler is fast in everything he does, his take off at the line, his cuts, and his ability to explode after the catch. I dont think its so much Tillman was wrong about Marshall but the fact we have amazing depth at the receiver position and its hard to stand out among these quality receivers. Its a nice problem to have though having all this talent and depth im excited about the season.

It isn't a case of ET being wrong about a particular player, so much as Austin still doesn't understand that ET says virtually the same thing about every player he signs--as do all GMs. They never say anything negative, just the positive spin. Because that is what they get paid to do...
Anyway, TC is the time to be excited about "the amazing depth" at receiver. The reality is, if we find one guy who can actually play, that will be fantastic. If we find two, it's bonus time....the rest will likely never be heard from again....just like last year...

Went for about 1 hour. Thought Crandall was good. Jyles very good. Better than Crandall today. Durant pretty good to. Tate not very good.

Griffin had 1 great run. That little man is quick. Getzlaf dropped 2 I think. Palmer caught everything. Dressler is fast. Real fast. He is like Welker on the Patriots. Short but quick and good.

I Agree Jyles has been looking very sharp, very very good deep ball.

Apparently Dominguez is now expected to be back hopefully by August 1st. Tillman was quoted as saying it would be a miracle for Matt to be ready for week 1. I Rather Dominguez take all the time he needs to heal and be 100% ready and not rush at all, this will allow for our other great depth at receivers to show their stuff and the young guns to hopefully step up.

As for Glenn January he continues to be an absolute beast and that KJ trade is looking better and better to me every time I watch him.

KK didnt you hear Arius. Its only 3 days. Quit telling us January is a beast. Quit telling us Jyles looked sharp. Its only 3 days. Dont give us this they are good BS. Tell us the lbs cant be better. The qbs arent that good. Dont get excited. The receivers are young. Its only 3 days.

Austin it is interesting, you say we shouldn't look at things with a critical eye. You say some of us are to negative. So then, I guess based on your view of things the riders will be holding onto all 65 players in training camp because they are all good. With exception of Matt D. we will once again have a rotation on and off the injury list that no body will care about.

Just as you want to be positive and upbeat and be a cool aid drinker, that at that is your right. But please keep the bs stuff away from the discussions.

People have every right to view the team the way they want and to express their opinions. It is really very that simple. But I will make it even simplier, for you. Based on the way Tate has played after 3 days in camp, do you think he will make the team, and if you don't think he will make the team, do you now believe it was a mistake for the riders to carry him last year?

Based on everything I have heard about Tate to date in training camp he will be lucky to be holding a water bucket never mind a clip board.

KK didnt you hear Arius. Its only 3 days. Quit telling us January is a beast. Quit telling us Jyles looked sharp. Its only 3 days. Dont give us this they are good BS. Tell us the lbs cant be better. The qbs arent that good. Dont get excited. The receivers are young. Its only 3 days.
This topic is about training camp, I have been to the training camps every day but tuesday, and am stating who I feel is shining in camp. Sure its day 4 of training camp but isn't training camp where the studs are chosen over the duds?

If you want Austin I can focus on who the duds are but whats the point in that? Im excited for a new season and excited with some of the new faces I see in camp, dont bash me for saying Jyles looks sharp you yourself said "Jyles very good. Better than Crandall today." So whats the problem with me saying he looks sharp with a good deep ball? If you don't like reading training camp reports, or think training camps are of little importance, or getting excited about the upcoming season stay away from the training camp threads simple as that.

I also stick by saying January is a beast, while manhandling Pullum on the line I seen Eddie Davis come flying in on the blitz, January basically swatted pullum over to Geno and laid Eddie out hard, and then just stood over Eddie like the big schoolyard bully. This is only one play I recall he is a very solid O-lineman and one of the reasons Geno has been moved to guard beside him.

Tate has been hot and cold all camp but remember Jyles and Durant have been in this league longer than him, but as of now I have a feeling he will be on the injury reserver once again with a mysterious injury or practice roster, Unless Tillman decides to deal or trade a quartback.

KK, Austin was slamming me, not you. Sarcasm alert!!
I think he likes your reports. So do I.
Keep 'em coming...
I haven't seen january practice, but I like his style in interviews. Although I think being traded for the MOP should make you block harder :lol:
Anyway, the politics say he will start, but it is good to hear he seems like maybe he should play as well.

I do like them KK. Thank you for helping. I get to practice some but not every day.

Arius says olitics say he will start. Like MAYBE January will play well. My point. Again.

How about this maybe? MAYBE he is better than you said all winter. KK thinks he is. Thank you for the camp reports KK.

I don't recall spending much time this spring saying one way or the other how good January might be. What I have said, is the politics say, unless he stinks, he will play--even if another guy is slightly better, he will get the opportunity. And even if he is an all-star, the trade remains a lousy one. Import o-linemen are a dime a dozen. Starting QBs are not. We have had lots of great linemen play for the Riders over the years. All-stars, etc.,. But without a quality QB behind them, how many Grey Cups have we won? We finally have a quality guy, a proven performer, leader and winner, and we trade him away to get the absolutely easiest position player in the game to replace--the import lineman. Go figure....

Arius I have a question. If its so easy to get good tackles. A dime a dozen you say. Please tell me the proven American tackles we had during the 7 years Shivers was here? And spare us Marcels great 1 named Charles Thomas. Mr. Revolving Door.

And the trade wasnt just for January. It was for Flemmons a starting d-lineman. And the Argos number 1 draft choice to. The Riders drafted the Canadian DT who signed with the Chargers with that pick. What if he starts for the Riders for 5 years? Or longer. He is a Canadian DT good enough for the Chargers to sign.

You say Riders cant win without a QUALITY QB. That is your words. Do you know Crandall is not going to play much better this year? Was Joseph a lot better in 2007? Much better than he played in 2006? Do you know Jyles is not going to be a quality qb? Have you watched him 1 day at practice? Some of us have. Go figure.

I have Austin. And I want to say how refreshing it is to have 4 quality QB's this year instead of two more than capable QB like in 07', one of which is STILL HERE PEOPLE. Marcus does look like he's ready for the season to start.


Oh my bad sarcasm went right over my head hah I apologize austin, but as for you ARIUS! just jokes... I understand where you coming from it isn't every year the leagues most outstanding player is traded. But I do have faith in Tillman's judgement of when a players career is on the down side of the hill.

Tillman has been very good in almost every trade he has made and if you think about it we got Glenn January in which I predict an All-star, Keith Shologan (from the draft pick), and Flemmons.

With many talented young quarterbacks on our team and still a capable vet I think it was time to move one of the young guns up into a second string role and possibly into starters role this year. We undoubtably have the most depth and likely one of the best O-lines in the CFL with many possible players who could start in this league, we have extreme depth at receivers and running backs our only question mark is QB, but!... We do not need Marcus to be stellar and pull a Ricky Ray and carry the team. We have a great supporting cast for Marcus or the young guns and by dropping Joesph we got to resign other valuable vets such as the quarterback of our defence and equally important in my mind Eddie Davis.

As for Mr. Tillman I feel he has fleeced teams on many trades this year everyone thought he was insane for trading Joseph, but only time will tell who got fleeced, we have a young defensive linemen in Shologan, we Have "a beast" in January, and an talent in Flemmons. How these players play for us and how Joseph does for Toronto will tell the tale.

Here are some of the trades Mr. Tillman has master minded: (Quoted from Dallas F off Riderfans)

Hamilton: Needed a QB so we got Wayne Smith and DJ Flick
Calgary: Needed an OLineman so we got Wes Cates
Edmonton: Needed a DLineman so we got Jyles and Jonathon St Pierre
Toronto: Needed a Big Name to sell tickets so we get January, Flemons and Keith Shologan
Toronto: Needed a RB so we get a fast Canadian DB.

All trades I feel have or will go our way. But im about to hit the hay i'm getting up early again for another training camp Its the only thing keeping my football withdrawl managable, once the preseason starts my Football hunger will finally be appeased.

thanks for getting this thread back on topic, some people need to stop littering the riders forum with their personal dispute, and stop hi jacking threads with their childish behaviour.

Nice points. Having been at camp, I concur with your statements about which side won those trades. And also about how the price of keeping and giving a raise to an aging Joseph, inevitably breaking up one of the CFL's best defenses(mainly E.D), was too high a price for ET to consider responsibly.

I have a confident feeling that the antagonistic fans will be pleasantly surprised come labor day weekend when, as far as I can see, we'll be 6-2. Then 7-3 down the stretch and all will be forgotten. :wink:


Well lets not forget a few other trades:
French/Anderson for Konrgay - small advantage hamilton

Karhut/1st, 4th and negotiation list player for Childs and Jones, - small advantage Montreal

Epps/Dorsey for Wilson - big advantage Winnipeg but they messed it up

third rounder for Tate - no winner here because we don't know if Sask would have taken in the third round and not sure if Tate will even be around in a year.

Washington for Borham - Sask is the winner.