Anyone at Bayfront Fireworks Last Night?

Take your complaints that I back up and support the Ticats on this stadium iussue to the the meantime, learn to debate ........taking personal shots at people is not debate

criical thought is the hallmark of debate.If you cannot even question the ti cats numbers or what serves the interests of the entire populace then you are not a debater but a sycophant.

You can challenge the numbers without taking shots at fellow posters. The point is lost when you do that and you automatically lose the debate among reasonable people. You have taken multiple potshots and therefore are wrong no matter what

But potshots and personal attacks against the mayor is fair game ? :roll:

whatever that has to do with it.

People have taken potshots at the city, the mayor and anyone who isn't a "true fan", but when people stand up for themself and their community its considered bad protocol. It does have a lot to do with it. It seems fair game to take pot shots at people who are unable to reply to a posting and defend themself. As long as you support the Tiger-Cat's actions everything is fair game. When someone opposes it how dare they they aren't a true fan or the mayor is this or costing us that etc. I think thats what he means. People are ridiculed for holding the Cat's just as accountable for this mess as the city.

Not sure that people are taking pot shots at Fred, but they certainly aren't happy with his stance on this issue and failure to budge.

But, Fred has taken a beating over the course of his term on many issues. As Mayor, you sign up for the positive when times are good and you gotta face the negative when the people aren't happy. Like now.

We'll know by Friday if Fred dropped the ball on this one.