Anyone at Bayfront Fireworks Last Night?

What sunrise events are held at either park?

And BTW, you are more likely to see smokestacks from Spenser Smith by looking south through the skyway bridge.

They can't be seen form Bayfront park. Looking east you look up to a crest of what is the north end residential neighbourhood because the park is situated at a lower level, and looking north you see Burlington's north shore.

I don't care about a great View if takes me a long Time to leave./
I want to in and out Quickly
You can't do that in current location the city wants to use
People in thread are saying it was a nightmare.
The 403 and Waterdown road I can get in out by car Bus or Train..
Something that Hamilton lacks.
It will be quickly too.

Define quickly.

How much of a time limit are you willing to put on leaving the stadium?

You can't do that in current location the city wants to use People in thread are saying it was a nightmare.
What thread are you reading? No one, not one person, said it was nightmare. Why are you making this up?

One person said it took him 45 minutes, and another said 40. I had two cars there, one of which left immediately and the other waited about 10 minutes. That's it!

Nightmare? Sheesh! :roll:

Burlington is just a big of disater for traffic as Hamilton if not worse. 403 and qew is pretty much a nightmare and trains don't allow you to leave quickly as they only run once an hr. if the game runs past 10:00 you are waiting till after 11. Burlington transit leaves a lot to be desired. This city is becoming too populated and it takes ages to get anywhere around here. You only like Burlington because its convienent for you. Is the city of Burlington going to come up with 102 million to give Bob for the stadium. What government will be ponying up the cash provincial and federal won't be. If Bob has investors now is likely a good time to speak, but sadly I am not sure he has any. Any amount of traffic kills Burlington and if I recall correctly everything in the area you are talking out side of the 403 is 1 lane each way and there really isn't that many access points in outside of the 403 talk about disaster. I guess you could come up plains but still that is pretty congested at the best of times.

Exactly why any stadium location must have the most possible otions for ingress and egress.

capn kirk quickly is defined as the less time than it took you to get from your beach front spot, walk thru the crowds back to your car then get home…

and that time was… :?

Hmmm......taking into account the misalignment in the dilithium crystals, warp field integrety and subspace anomolies, about.......I dunno.

I wasn't keeping track. I was in no hurry and was enjoying a great evening with some great company. All I know is, it was no poroblem getting there (RHVP, Burlington st to hughson st) , or getting home (straight acrsoss Barton, from Hughson, south on Wentworth east along Main.)

Zero problems, zero dealys for my car.

Anyone who goes to an event and doesn't give at least 35-mins or so to get out is crazy. For myself when I go to an event it is just that an event. I will go grab a coffee after or a few beers and some food and stick around for 45mins or so and hang out with fellow fans. To myself that is part of of the event experience. After all most of events fall on a fri or sat so whats the rush to get out anyway. As well Aldershot offers no venues to grab a beer after the game or food. The ticats won't lure that. It will just be a stadium in a field

Wrong. There's a vending machine in the GO station.

Is it licensed? hahah

Ontario doesn't require a license for Romulan Ale. hahah

Who in their right mind would go to the West Harbourfront to watch a fireworks (or a Cat's game?)

You cannot "get there" from here.

I used to like Mayor Fred, but am being swayed to the contrary of late...Burlington Street is an emparassment...just knocks the shocks off your car...that "Rheem" site is both an eyesore and impossible to redevelop to anyrging accessible or worthwhile.

Relocating to Confederation Park or the Mountain (via the Red Hill) would be much smarter. Okay, the Mountain site would expose the idiocy of the Red Hill plan, and how the "Linc" is screwed up and umpteen years out of date, and so the QEW is the only other viable course. Our unimaginative mayor and "council" in their lust for dollars wants to start charging for parking in downtown, plus Stoney Creek, Dundas and so on..if the downtown core of "Hamilton" cannot support itself...why should anyone else?

I have "words" for this Rexall clown out of Edmonton as well...he just does not "get it" nor does our Mayor or Aldermen...lets elect someone else...

Umm...thousands go every year.

I guess the "creekers" are noticibly abscent, as well, probably, as the "mountain people", but maybe I start souning like the Caretaker,and wondering if Mayor Fred has ever taken a class in Geomorphology, and what may happen if you build a major structure on what is/was a swampy lowland that is/was environmentally "polluted", has no road access, or parking...but, yes, yes, I get it, "qui bono" and all...lets pay billions into a city council and downtown business types that could not organize a circle jerk in a whorehouse and wonder why the team needs to leave the City.

Of course, with an "entertainment district" around the stadium, the traffic in and out of the area would be spread out, as not everyone would be arriving and leaving at the same time. You'd have the people who hang around for something to do before or after the game, making it easier for the people who just want to get "in and out" to do just that.
At Confederation Park you have... a highway.... and Centennial Parkway... and everyone leaving at the same time.
Near the airport, sure there's stuff on Upper James, but everyone still has to get in their cars to get there, creating the same logjam. Upper James is a horrible place.

There tons of Room to build by the 403 and Waterdown Road
Lot room for Nice entertainment area maybe even a new Football Hall of Fame ..
They need more space and move interactive exhibits there.

I could see tons of posabilty in Aldershot.. none in current Proposed location
Traffic Night mares in the near future if Stadium is put in the current Proposed location

If Hamilton Loses the Stadium then it there own fault Bob moves the Ticats to The Burbs of Aldershot.

Letter to Editor:

Fireworks showed stadium site wrong

Mary Monaco
The Hamilton Spectator
(Jul 5, 2010)
Re: 'Pan Am talks fail to score a deal' (Column, July 2)

I'm terribly disappointed and angered our city councillors and staff cannot agree with Hamilton Tiger-Cats on a stadium location.

Why are they stuck on the west harbour site when it's clear that is not the ideal location? The best example of that was last week after the Canada Day fireworks at Bayfront Park. Trying to get out of that area is next to impossible.

(click link below to read the rest)

[url=] ... cle/801724[/url]

who knew deerhunter"s mom even knew how to write a letter to the editor?

My mother passed away in 2000.

Is this how you debate?........if so, it's shameful

as to your loss i am sorry however this does not detract from your slavish consumption of the ticat coolaid.