Anyone a big Twitter user?

Not the first thing I said to him. Unlike you. But do you really think your reply is welcoming to new members? That has been my point since the beginning. This forum is an embarrassment to the league

I noticed my thread calling out the mods was closed.
I flagged a few posts like like suggested. Nothing

Simply proving my point

Hopefully not my post on Bombardier

Well, today is not normal for me. However sometimes "new" posters start negative and it is hard to not respond. I do however apologize to anyone I may have offended today. Not one of my better days. Thank somebody that my trip starts tomorrow. Maybe I can blame it on the stress of getting prepared for the trip.

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Its very easy not to respond...its even easier to be polite

Whatever. Keep on trolling but i have no idea what you are talking about

Sure you don't

What is your problem? Is that the only way you can win an argument? Argue something that the other does not know about? I hope it makes you proud

You are just here to argue Bob.

Since the name of this thread is
"Anybody a big Twitter user"
Maybe you 2 could use twitter to fight your silly fight!

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Is it just me or do others find it strange that someone would sign up on a football forum just so they could comment and post in a non football thread ?


So looks like the freedom groups organizing protests during restrictions werent illegal after all.

Wait for it... :wink:

Good morning everybody!


It's Friday the 13th!



Well it looks like it's going to be a great day weather wise for another type of convoy on it's way to Dover . If any are going , play safe and have a great day.


Here's bobo from years back getting ready to roll. :smiley:



That's hilarious . I died when I saw the name of the video . Too funny . I gotta tell ya that kid is quite the pro . Thanks for posting .

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As it turns out this thread may have been much ado about nothing. Muskie being his usual fishy self.

He may be backing out of his Twitter purchase (with a potential $1 billion Dr. Evil like penalty) or simply looking for some leverage to drive the price down.

Just what this thread needs
More carnage

Yeah, interesting.

He's seeing if the stock is overvalued which it appears it might be.