Anyone a big Twitter user?

I get your point Grover, but unlike religion, it is almost impossible to remove politics from anything. Maybe you mean radical viewpoints? Political discussion is now allowed we are told. There are many topics on this forum rife with politics, such as CFL expansion, twitter, potential player suspensions and the CBA, to name but a few. I would prefer that meaty topics not be banned and would not be very interested in discussing only how someone might look in training camp or what uniform or helmet changes I like. I think political discussions will naturally be more prevalent during the off season when we don’t have actual games to follow and jabber about. Just my two cents worth, and as has been pointed out, reading or joining a discussion someone finds too political is not mandatory.


Well said Jon, I agree with you here. Politics have a place in these forums, maybe not so much the ideology of politics but certainly the politics that affect our everyday lives has a place here to discuss. Religion doesn’t have that same status and as a result it’s not a theme that’s going to get moderator approval to debate wildly…

My own personal belief, but a bunch of men who like football is probably the very last group of individuals who should be debating abortion…


R&W, I have asked a number of times where the Forum rules are posted on this site and had no response
Are there any official rules on this site anymore?

Sorry about that, I saw this before, meant to answer and then forgot, thanks for the reminder.

There are forum guidelines yes. They were refreshed and updated late last year. They are available on the forum main page.

Here’s the problem. If you’re accessing the site off your phone they are super difficult to find. If you’re accessing off a PC they’re easier to find.

I access via a smartphone exclusively and I can’t find them. But I also haven’t tried hard either. I have access to the guidelines elsewhere.

Sorry that’s not the answer you were probably expecting, best I’ve got though.

If someone that is more computer savvy than me could please help me out
and direct me to where the rules are on the main site and how to get to them!

Here is the forum guidelines from K-Max, as to February 2

Welcome to the CFL Forums.

Our goal is to provide a safe and friendly environment where members can feel free to express their thoughts and opinions about various CFL topics and other sports related topics without fear of ridicule, intimidation or bullying.

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We are all here because of our love of the game. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a private message to any of the CFL Forum Staff.

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If you suspect a post or a user’s behavior violates these rules, please use the flag function of the forum or contact any of the CFL Forum Staff.

1 - Keep posts relevant to the forum topic at hand.

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2 - Sexually explicit, profane or objectionable content/language are not allowed on CFL Forums.

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  • Instigating toxic activities on CFL forums also falls under this rule and is prohibited.
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4 - Team-specific forums are safe havens for those fans. Trash-talk from fans of other teams in those forums is not allowed.

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Thankyou Lucas! :+1:

Ditto, thanks Lucas…

I still don't know where it is(the rules) or how to get to it!
I suck at computers!
Thankyou for posting it

The point of the abortion comment was not to discuss the merits of abortion but rather to make a point about speech.

  1. Being supportive of a convoy driving across the country to protest coercive mandates is not allowed. You are not allowed to choose whether or not you vaccinate without "facing consequences" imposed by the Government.

  2. Being supportive of "a right to choose" a pregnancy is allowed. If you were to be punished, out would come those same people yelling and screaming about "cavemen" and backyard abortions.

Anyway in regard to religion, people's views are shaped by religion so of course it plays a role in society. For example, the same people who say religion shouldn’t enter the abortion debate also support tax payer funded medical care, which has its history in the social gospel movement

My views are not shaped by religion and soon I will be in the majority. I know of several on this forum with likeminded thought. So it is not true to say that people’s views are shaped by religion. Some people, for sure, but rarely have I seen religious comments on this forum and these types of comments are not normally necessary. I was just pointing out, anticipating the upcoming abortion debate, that the issue is what the law should be, and the law has nothing to do with religion, other than protecting the right to believe in and practice it. Nowhere does it say that those beliefs should be imposed on anyone else.

I also point out the hypocrisy of believing in free speech, or having the right to say what you want, but being against abortion and therefore taking the position that you can say what you want but you do not have free control over your own body. So at least you are permitted to swear in pain or criticize Trudeau or Trump while being forced to deliver an unwanted baby. Makes sense to me.

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I doubt you will ever be in the majority. Anyway the point I make is those saying "keep religion out of politics" often only mean keep ideas they dislike out of politics. The good example was medical care which basically came out of Tommy Douglas' religious conviction.. that one's fine because they agree with it.

So being for free speech is now being for whatevee cause you say I should be for?

Being pro free speech is being for the flow of ideas, good and bad. Not necessarily having to agree with all ideas

Grover update on Forum rules
Yay I found it by using the search function by typing forum rules into it!
Who would of thunk it! :thinking:

The 1st rule is

1 - Keep posts relevant to the forum topic at hand.

  • CFL Forums is a football forum, and we encourage conversations and healthy debate about your favorite teams and topics about football.
  • Threads that go too off-topic or are not directly relevant to football and sports may be locked/deleted.

I'll go off topic.
This is how I see it. And this goes to both sides, Left-Right, Conservative-Liberal, Right-Wrong.
Take your pick, because I don't see a difference. It all reads the same to me. And while yes I can choose to ignore this thread and do other productive things, which I will, I also feel that maybe some people could just use a reminder.
You can live a better more fulfilled life. (Notice I didn't say happy)

"Kid yourself and you'll never learn a thing"

This is how I see some of the people posting on this thread/forum. You'll know if it's you or not, and you don't have to admit it, deny it, or even agree with it. Take these words for whatever they're worth to you. You can shove them, flush them, or remind yourself of them. It makes no difference to me.

If you're an adult and any of the following fit you, there is another way. Trust me on only one thing; you will be better if you choose a different way. (Notice I didn't say happier)

You are never going to be satisfied if the sitting government is not who you voted for.

You're never going to agree with people unless they agree with you first.

You live always thinking the rules are unfair to you.

You never have enough money. You're not being paid enough.

People always have to be reminded that their morals and ethics need improving.

Walking away is impossible unless you can get the last word.

You will always feel as though your rights are being abused, especially if other people - within your like-mind or tribe - are complaining that their rights are being abused. And some people will always complain when they don't get their way. And 'some' will always be enough for you.
Can you see how this cycle never breaks?

You can choose how you want to live. You can choose to complain and feel victimized. You can choose to not feel and live that way.
You can choose to be thankful and grateful for what you have.
You can choose to let other people live their life their way without it offending you or your morals.
You can choose to increase your value instead of demanding from others.

Well, isn't this fun. I will shut up now. Back to your regularly scheduled programming. I have to go wash some of this righteousness off me. It stains you know, and then won't come off.

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... I still don't get why some people are kicking around complaining about "forum rules" and people posting on a forum board.

I personally enjoy posting on topics like these. We used to have fairly good discussions on religion etc. (Though some got a bit carried away) but most of the time it was good.. learned alot about Atheism and challenged my thinking in some respects. I also like the Riders so I will post on topics related to them. I won't go into the Stampeders forums and start talking about the Stampeders roster or who are up and comers over there as I dont really like the Stampeders. I get these types of topics aren't everyone's cup of tea..

I get we had some posters leave because they couldnt get their way... some feel they need to avenge for that. But time to move on... new things on the horizon

Stating this though doesn't negate, and I would say that this is a fact in some respects, that religion and religious practices do have an effect on society in general regardless of one's personal view that religion has no place in their mind, below is one example of a discussion on this. A good example of this for example is if you have a child, both parents have nothing to do with religion, they can't send their child to the Catholic school around the corner perhaps or don't want to because it's Catholic but could provide an excellent education on par with the public system, but has to have their child bused to a public school 10 blocks away. That does affect the family logistics of their living.

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I'd argue Liberalism has become sort of a religion, Universities (specifically the liberal arts) being a sort of church for them.

They give an account for the origins of everything that is wrong in this world (straight white men), peer reviewed studies by other like minded liberals are their scriptures, the media and professors are their evangelists.. there's even church discipline for thinking wrong

You have the more extreme elements getting into politics and imposing it on the rest of society as well


Interesting g&w and you make a great point. Religion doesn't mean just about believing in a personal God or any "higher being" at all.

That's if NASA took a fully crewed, fully completed and fully fueled spaceship that's sitting on the launchpad (that thing would be epically huge) AND launched it directly to Mars.

Musk would launch an empty but huge bare bones ship from the launchpad with just enough equipment and fuel to get into orbit. That's it. AFTER this monster is in orbit he'll send up the fuel the equipment and finally the crew needed to send it to Mars. This is the cheapest way to get 'er done. I'll bet he does it by 2030 for less than a $100 billion... which by the way is still a waste of money as far as I'm concerned. Robots can go to Mars and hang around for years without whining about the phone service for $1 billion or less. People tend to be dicks about it.

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If we are going to get very serious about traveling away from our planet we have to commit to building ships in space. Large ships that never enter any planet orbit. Big payload, low fuel needs.

The moon would be a good place to set up shop for construction of that kind. But first we have to construct things there for people to live so they can work.