Anyone a big Twitter user?

Elon concludes some major shopping therapy today dropping $44B on the media platform, vowing to allow a freer discourse than the previous mgmt…does anyone here use it frequently? I do not, at all…

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it is my main source of news.

if you are careful who you follow you can get the best, most unbiased news out there.

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Never. Not once. Don’t see the point.

Interesting point…straight from the source type stuff I imagine?

Nor do I .

Twitter is for twits .



I have an account, opened years ago, but I didn’t know how it worked so I never used it…

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in some cases yes.

But more importantly I follow "really smart people" (political, sports, education, travel, etc).

I like that you can follow who you choose and never get bothered by algorithm based junk. (see facebook).

I also don't have to worry about silly dancing kids mucking up my time (see TikTok).

Twitter is as good (or bad) as the user allows it to be.


not a big twitterer
not a little twitterer
not an inbetween twitterer

same with facebook, instagram, and ?????

When it first came out it seemed to be largely for following celebrities and what they did and ate. There also appears to be some vicarious thrill for some people if a celebrity responds to one of their posts.

As stated already on this thread, some may use it for up to the minute news, although that news can be false, just like it frequently is on Facebook. It is also very limited in scope because of the character limit.

I’ve never been on Facebook or Instagram or Tik Tok or anything else either. The time necessary to navigate all of this would be too daunting and impossible for me to keep up with. If others like it, good for them if it brings them joy.


Here is a good cross section of opinion on Elon Musk buying Twitter .

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I use it a quite a bit. More for alerts and leafing through headlines until I see something of interest.

Some time ago, I was a contactor for a company who sent mean message saying "you need to join LinkedIn so we can contact you", I messaged back "how did you reach me now" they answered "on Google" I replied "so why do I need a LinkedIn account?

I'm on Google only. Don't belong to any other social media platform, nor want to. Just me

May 4, 2016 — Most Popular Social Media Sites · 1. Facebook · 2. Twitter · 3. LinkedIn · 4. YouTube · 5. Pinterest · 6. Instagram · 7. Tumblr · 8. Flickr.


Tweet something mean... Elon shuts down your EV for a week. Seems fishy.

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I use Twitter much as I do FB now mainly for medical information and it's awesome as some doctors and researchers and healthcare organizations and institutions, leaders in the fields I'm interested in, are on Twitter and you can actually converse with them and see what they are posting from journal articles and research studies. Much better than FB actually.
If you're in a diagnostic health care dilemma as I have been, it's a very valuable, or can be a very valuable resource and tool. Having access to some of these professionals is fantastic. Sure, some don't respond to you but some do.
Also for civic issues you see say in an online newspaper you can tweet the article and tag it with the city/municpality you are in and it reaches a whole new range of people that might not be aware of an issue.
But as with any social media, you have to be careful not to get too addicted to it because it can take up a lot of your time and mental energy and actually cause excess stress, moderation is the key as is most things in life. And know there are trolls as everywhere on social media. Have to be careful.


I love David Feherty’s line:

Everything in moderation including moderation.


I like Elon's quote if it's sincere good for him .

On the free speech issue, today, Elon Musk tweeted — quote — " I hope that even my worst critics remain on Twitter, because that is what free speech means."

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Ha! My company did the same thing so I reluctantly signed up but for my profile pic I used a Mexican Luchador in a nice disco-era three-piece suit! I rarely if ever use the platform but at networking events I’ve had many compliments on my choice of profile pic. It shall remain…

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Or tweet something nice and your Tesla suddenly gets an extra 50kms off a full charge…fishy bonus!


For sports information only
I use #cfl, #Ticats, #nhl, #bluejays, #PGA, #etc.

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Nope. Not me.

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