Anynone notice how Berry's Bombers look like Als of old?

As I watch the season unfold. It struck me that Berry's Bombers are looking a hell of a lot like the Als were back when Berry was part of the coaching staff.

Glenn's style is a lot like Calvillo. Ball is well distributed. Run supports passing game. Defense is tough and paces itself well.


Don't go on. It's making me sad because the comparison is too depressing.

Im not saying this cuz im a Bomber fan, but i dont no whats wrong with the Als, there team hasnt changed much, although the coaching staff has, since Matthews left, Als havent had as much success..

The Als lost 12 players this year. The online has been together for something like 7 years. They lost their coach...

A lot of change and almost every part was not replaced or patched up.

Their defense is still pretty good with the exception of any pressure being applied by the ends or linebackers.

The offense is a mess. No deep treat. A QB that's lost in a new system. No running game.

BB got Als' T.Edwards and O'Neil, this might help.