Anybody wondering what our consultant is up to?

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You never know who you might run too at a @U2 Concert in Nashville.
The #OskieWeeWee chant gave my cover away. Cheers. @Ticats #CFL

Is it just me... or does Kent look very thin? I don't remember him being that thin.

Per this 3DN article from last year, Austin had a partial hip replacement a number of years ago, and deliberately lost some weight in 2017 to reduce hip joint stress:

Thanks for the info. I was avoiding all things Ticat online with the horrible first half of 2017, so I guess that's why I missed that.

Glad he's healthy.

lmao this is great ... a Box J boy running into Kent Austin in Nashville at a U2 show because of our Oskee Wee Wee chant? Cant make this stuff up ... I still love Kent for the time he had here on the sidelines, if it wasn't for a block in the back that entire team would be legends in this city for the rest of our lives ... I will never get over that one

I do wonder what his role his with the Ti-Cats though if he's just chilling in Nashville at a U2 concert during training camp lol Obviously he's enjoying some time away from the game

His role is to collect the balance of the money owed in his contract and is available for hire if another team is interested.
He was pushed out in a bit of a power play but The Cats have allowed him to gracefully fulfill the end of his contract.

He was probably down in Nashville consulting and scouting for halftime entertainment for the season .

I'm sure Bono and the boys wouldn't mind playing us a tune or two as the halftime show at this years Labour Day game . ;D

Maybe he also informed them that the famous Grant Ave Studio survived when the house next door burned down.

More on this from Drew over at 3DN..........

Apparently Bono spotted Austin in the crowd and said Kent , the Cats are going to win the Cup this year "With or without you" and when it happens it will be "A beautiful day" 8)

Yeah and apparently Supertramp was the back up performance to Bono and they sang “Dreamer, you’re nothing but a Dreamer? right after!

sadly U2 isnt country seems thats all we get

Hilarious ;D.Actually speaking of U2 and country they actually punked the audience at a few of their shows by disguising themselves and coming out as their own opening act . Their alter ego personnas were as a Country & Western band known as The Dalton Brothers .

Check it out..... 8)....Too funny.... ;D

Last news I heard Kent Austin was in Nashville trying to sing in the Grand Ole Opry trying to do a 360 degree career change.