Ok, here is the deal. I need to create a defense and I only have 2 weeks to do it. Does anyone have a little powder sachet or instant cake kit where you add water, you mix and it makes you a defense? :oops:

By the way, my name is Montreal Alouettes :shock:

NOTE: Shouldn't defensive coordinator Chris Jones and defensive backs coach Noel Thorpe get a serious McGill Redmen initiation to thank them for their tremendous work? :twisted:

I know a way to instantly upgrade our defense: throw Mike Word through the plane porthole next time the team travels, and pretend that guy never existed when asked by the RCMP.

So far, Word racked about 275 yards of penalties all by himself, and he wasn't even with us at the beginning of the season. He gets two to three majour fouls per game. Talk about a game breaker!

Hehe, can't argue with that. You know what I think is up with that Word guy? :wink: I think he's boosted up on steroids, hence he can't control himself.

Unless he has the brains of a 14 year old, hence he thinks losing your composure and punching a guy in the face is what makes you a man. :smiley: When everybody knows that what makes you a man is driving a big car. 8)

.....if you find it, can you also try to track down a recipe the Riders could use for keeping a lead?? Anyone.....anyone.....

Well, the Riders could try playing in the CIS…

Are you kidding me? Any CIS team would have at least tried to put some points on the board in the second half.....

Besides, with the way the Huskies looked against the Rams, I wonder if the Riders could’ve beaten them…

Word up! Looking forward to that Saskatchewan vs. Laval Vanier Cup final.

Yeah, should be a good game. I think the only way it won't happen is if we can't get by Alberta in the West. But doesn't it rotate for which teams play each other to get to the Vanier? Like one year it's Quebec vs. Ontario, Altantic vs. West, next it's Quebec vs. Atlantic, West vs. Ontario.... so there should be a year where it's West vs. Quebec, Ontario vs. Atlantic, right? Is this the year? Maybe we won't meet in the Vanier.... which would suck.

Yep you are correct 42, if Laval and Sask both win their respective divisions they will play in the Semi finals. It will be too bad that the defending champs won't even be able to make it to the Vanier to defend the title :lol:
And I believe that the game will be played right here in Saskatoon if its the Huskies that win the division.
EVeryone in the country knows that that will be the true Vanier cup, as who in the OUA or AUA will come close to beating either of these teams??

That is too bad then if we won't get that re-match. However, maybe home field would work to our advantage in this case??

Hope so.....

smiling hank the bank and team mates stated they can thank the Rider fans for firing up the squad at half time. Could it be the fans were to much of a distraction for their team. Hey I came up with an excuse for the Riders loss.

Its all about the Horse man

yes, take a good defence and mix in Stubler

thanks alot rw2k5, now I'm having visions of a CFL-Wrestlecrap crossover:

Burris using the Ole Anderson voice distortion box from the old Black Scorpion angle:

"Shivers, remember when you thought you had beaten us? sinister laugh"