Does anybody have any news on our injured guys who might be close to coming back ie Fantuz Gable

Grant, Beauler, Beauler?

now a serious question? I know it is the bye week, essentially a week off for the players. Are they allowed to practise? Could Austin and Condell have Matthews and Harris in meetings or running routes with some of the receivers during the bye week? Would the CFLPA file a grievance over that?

The team resumes practice tomorrow so no doubt there will be some news then. I think I did see a tweet by Drew(?) that Fantuz and Gable were placed back on the 6 game :frowning: although they can be pulled at any time.
After the presser by Austin and Zach earlier in the week, it was reported that Mathews and Masoli were out on the field with a few of the receivers who were in town tossing the ball around. I suspect that there is nothing stopping players from getting together on off days to do a little extra work but I doubt anything like formal meetings would be going on. I would think that any extra time with coaches would have to be initiated by the players.

During one of his interviews, I think it was on Monday, KA said there is nothing that says they must have off days during a bye week. They could have practices he they so choose. I'm paraphrasing of course.

I checked the CBA, and the only rule I found is that players must be given at least one day off when there are nine or more days between games. Maybe it's just tradition to give them the week off?