Anybody watching the movie Time Bomb?

It a movie about US homeland security tryng to find a bomb at a football stadium.

Its the Big O

ro1313, don’t mention the Big O…we’ll never hear the end of it with Kanga…

yeah i saw it, also the QB for one of the teams was called calvillo. pretty good movie. david arquette was good for most of it, but when he was reallly angry in the movie that was some of the worst acting i've ever seen

Some one mentioned this elsewhere. He noticed that the entire line-up used MTL name. So its at the Big-O, mtl player names...? Maybe it is actually the Alouettes.

is that how Americans greet bald people in their culture? Interesting. With me, a handshake will still so.

MAN This Bush guy is really weird. Thank God I am not bald.
If you want to get the background of why Bush pushed this UAE Arab control of US ports deal read House of Saud House of Bush. The Bush family has been taking money from the Saudis for decades.
I wondered why the Saudis didnt need any special documents to go in and out of the States while everyone else in the world does.

Back to the point at hand.
Not only was the QB names Calvillo, he was number 13 as well!

I saw part of it, and I noticed that they’re we’re also a “White” and “Pringle” on the same team as calvillo.

my kid really liked 8 legged freaks, another arquette classic........

I caught a glimpse of that movie last first it looked like the Als against the Ti-Cats until I heard the Cats were winning.......then I knew it was only fiction.........:slight_smile:

Good to see the Al's and the Big O getting some attention.

W is a weild right wing ***hole!!!


That hurt.

Don't worry Big'll have the last laugh this season when the Bombers come to Ivor Wynne.

The Als had nothing to do with it.
The game was Washington VS New Orelans

So the team that looks like the Al's played for NO in the movie, sweet! New France still lives!

sorry dave........