Anybody Watching? Als vs. Redblacks

The mega gameday thread is NOT exactly humming with comments about this game. (As in…none!)

Als beating RB’s 9 - 1 1/2 way thru the second.

Pipken looking good in his second game so may not be a one game wonder. Harris can’t get untracked for the two colours team.

How many big drops does this Spencer guy have? I don’t often watch Ottawa, but his drops always stand out.
For Montreal, it’s amazing what how play of a capable QB can elevate everyone else.

Okay… NOBODY but me tonight.
Thought their might be some Eastern fans online as this is such a critical game. If the Als win, and the Argos lose on Monday, then the East breaks into an Al/Argos battle for 3rd (with the Als on top!) and the Cats/RB’s battling for 1st (RB’s on top).

Who could imagine the woeful Als in this position?

Hi Let’s GO.

I can certainly guess that you’re rooting for the RB’s. As for me, as a Cats fan… ;D

Unless you are the Bomber kind of Blue

Excitement continues to mount. Now 9 -4 with 29 seconds to go.

RB’s getting the boobird’s wrath.

I’m always amazed when a team is on the 40ish and seconds left, the only thing you don’t want to do is have a sack…yet it happens so often. That was terrible management there.

And its Bomber blue, but still cheering for Ottawa as the cross over starts to become a possibility.


I’ve wondered about that too. Can’t explain it. Maybe the hurry up leads to problems with setting up the blocking.

Pipkin starting to look like Bishop, just throwing downfield to anyone.

Thinking the RB’s are now awake

Yup… TD

Nope… replay calls it back…

Yay for Brad Sinopoli! He’s back in the game after limping off the field late in the 2Q.


But the evil zebras just stripped him of a TD!


Ahem… don’t you mean “made sure that justice was done?” :smiley:

Even Trevor Harris knew that wasn’t a touchdown.
No celebration.

Aaaannndddd, the Larks score their own TD.

Sinopoli carrying his team… 30 yards there

Still lots of time left for Ottawa to come back. So far their downfall is an inability to finish drives.

So much for the larks being the"free square on the bingo card" for other teams in the league. Their D has improved and Pitkin has managed to get their offense moving. REALLY glad that I didn’t put Harris (as in Trevor) in my fantasy lineup. Kind of wish I hadn’t put in any OTTRB players - not getting much from them.

Cost me 11.8 Fantasy points though. Commies that's what they are!