Anybody watch lost?

Is it just me or had this show gone from last year being an edge of your seat drama to this year a whole lot of nothing going on?

Yeah, I love this show too. It is so incredible and interesting. But this has nothing to do with football.

ro, Do you mean some of the posters on this site or the show!

neither does politics but the season is over.
and did you have to open the topic to figure that out?

kanga why do you quote sporty and and me a question

is this the show where a plane from Australia crashes on a remote island in the pacific populated with dinosaurs or something?

Last year they were all kinda of cliffhangers and things to leave you on the edge of your seat.
This year--------- nothing

It really is slow this year and losing its touch.

I like the Australia scene flashbacks, but the rest of that show sucks.

well you have not seen much of it if you think there were dinosaurs in it.

Again last year was great this year it is approaching suckieness

then what the bloddy hell are those things they run into?

Thats the point
that dropped it and never mentioned it again

no they mentioned the polar bear again today. when the horsey came.
I like Kate, I like her a lot.
And I like the new big dude. He was on Oz (the prison show, not dorothy) and he is a pretty good actor. Can't wait till we get his back story.

they must have been dinosaurs, like a t-rex, that's my story ans I'm stinking to it.

the show sucks anyway.

how can a guy in a wheelchair, go though a plane chash, and then all of a sudden, be abull to walk again? very stupid.

That's too bad if it's sucking this year. We didn't watch the first ones, so I decided once I heard that it's all complimicated and stuff that I'd wait to get the dvd of the season so I wouldn't spoil any surprises or anything...... but if this season is bad, there might not be a point in watching the first one. Or, is it that good that I should spend a weekend watching the first season?

You should definetly watch the first season. regardless on this second one, the first one is still great.

Alright, next time I have a weekend that needs killing, I'll get it. Provided it's out anyways. :slight_smile:

Kate is from Edmonton I believe

Use the force Luke use the force!
Ro1313, I am expecting Paul Martin to show up on this island! ha ha ha ha Was the Jean over there nope that was a monkey!