go at least 13 - 5 in 05. You all seem to think you know what will happen with my team. Why don't you tell me, what will happen with your's. Anybody else want to go on the record ? Man up, or shut up.

P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.
[b]?Ø? T??§???�???PHØß?Ç
GØ?? FØ? ?ÜMß?? 13 ?? 05

..........I just did.....settle down dude, ur making me spill my drink...........I'll see yer 13-5 and raise you........Stamps 14-4...............Down to the last game of the year.........

[b]I had to start a new thread so everyone could see the challenge. That way nobody can say they didn't see the question in the original thread.

Dude... 14 - 4 ... After you lose to the Esks 3 times this year. That only leaves you with one more. You guys will probably already be at 4 losses before labour Day.

Nice to see you man up though. [/b]

P°§° Çãlgãrý, ýøu štïll šuçk.
[b]?Ø? T??§???�???PHØß?Ç
GØ?? FØ? ?ÜMß?? 13 ?? 05

.........seriously 14-4.........we'll only lose to EE once, the week after Labour Day........we'll lose one each to Sask, B.C. and Montreal..........go big or go home........

The Eskimos will be 14 -4.

One Quarterback does not a team make. Frito Ray is definitely an impact player, however he will only be as good as his offensive line. Last years O-line was more porous than cheesecloth. It is good to see that the Eskies have added 3 (count 'em), 3 O-line recruits that are 6'5" and 315 pounds. Sounds like these guys alone make an O-line (if they are any good). It will take the opposition defence a good week just to run around this man mountain.

Pullin' for the Green & Gold.
Forlorn Eskie fan in Cowtown

BC at 14-4... Edmonton at 11-7... Calgary at 10-8.. after that no one cares... Calgary will beat BC to stay above 500... and Edmonton will win the season series with Calgary... I miss anything?...

Green Riders 12-6
Als 11-7
BC 10-8
Eskies 10-8
Als 9-9
Stamps 8-10
Ti-Cats 8-10
Bombers 8-10
Gades 5-13

good job.. u actually got the math right for wins/losses for all the teams... did you do that on purpose or just by fluke?... not dissin u just that many people forget about it...

esks 16-2

gipper, I see two als, and no argos?

This reminds me of allllllll the smack talked at this time last year - "Oh the Esks will go 18-0 this season! There's no way they can't!!!" and then they started off 0-3 (you may recall Calgary started 1-2). Ahh, that was sweet. It was on a different forum, though. 16-2? I don't think so. The most wins by any team this year will be 14. There will need to be a really dominant team to see another 15-win season - keep in mind there hasn't been such a team since Toronto in '97, and the Esks are nowhere near that good.

I agree with you, Imsayin, 13-5. A lot of new faces but when this team gels it will be a wonderfull thing.


he forgot the ARGOS. :wink:

I'd say the Ti-Cats are good for a 11-7 record.

I will go on the record and say that Montreal will not finish first in the East. That will go to either Toronto or Hamilton.

ok here goes the renagades will serprise alot of people this yr even after loosing alot of their free agents to other teams but look out cause they have a very deep pool of players the developed over the past 3 yrs and there really good ull see were talking a 10-8 season mabe better thell whip mtl edm in the early going and then thell go 7-0 before loosing a game all the fans of the cfl just watch how good they r this yr ur gonna cry

Nope, no cryin here man. If Ottawa goes 7-0 I'll be cheering cause it will be a great thing for the league. I love your optimsm. Keep spreading it around and get some people out to support your team at the ballpark.

Who cares if Edmonton goes 13-5, the Als have almost averaged that total in each of the last 9 years! and they will again this year without opening the bank vault.

Als Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How much is Calvillo making anyway? Do you think they are going to pay Terry Vaughn less than the 150,000 a season he was making here? How much did they pay to resign Ben Cahoon? What about the Lawrence Phillips debacle, how much were they paying him? Last, but not least what about Don Matthews? Would he still be there if he was earning less than 100,000 a year?

You do have a solid, consistent lineup but I'm not sure that it has come without a price tag.

Cavillo makes about $325000-$350000 which is well deserved, Cahoon is a very well deserved high paid receiver and the O-line is paid pretty well but except for a couple of players, the Als don't overpay. They will let there free agents leave for more money like every year and they will find similar if not better replacements and train them. Lawrence Philips made peanuts by the way. Oh and Don Matthews I believe makes about the same as Cavillo.