Anybody Still Think Hamilton Is The Best Team In The CFL?

Remember two weeks ago when so many people were fooled into thinking Hamilton deserved to be considered the best team in the CFL? Let's get back to reality - - the Hamilton defence is still as terrible as it's been all season, George Cortez has no clue what he's doing as a play caller and Smiling Hank is just as undependable as ever. Seriously Hank, four fumbles?

AND one trying to squirm into the endzone.....Gotta luv ol Hank.....he's a playa...for the other team sometimes :lol:

Glass houses... :stuck_out_tongue:

The parity continues. the next 6 games will when you usually will see some seperation of teams usually.
Hamilton has also gotten away with carrying only on tailback, Chevon Walker on the 42 game day Roster. Hamilton had to play the entire 2nd half without a tailback and the Bombers new that. Remember Hamilton came out on fire shooting themselves in the foot on a couple of plays. The 2nd qtr production was down most likely when Chevon was injured.
Now at 3-4 I dont think that the TI Cats can take that chance anymore expect to see Cobourne on the 42 hopefully along with with Chevon. (plus no Fantuz) and a somewhat struggling defense for Hamilton
Certainly after the Bye week a fresh talented new QB an a lot of people back from injury the Bombers will now be part of that parity.

couple weeks, everyone in the east will be 3-5 and tied for first.

Huh? Maybe you could elaborate a bit on that, because I have no idea what you're trying to express with that statement.

Certainly you're not implying that I've been pumping the tires on the Argos bandwagon with delusional renkings of my favourite team.

No, but when your own team is under so much scrutiny, maybe you don't wanna call out another team.

I don't discriminate - - I'll call out ineptitude of stupidity whether it's on my team or any other. If anything, I'm one of the most vocal critics of the mismanagement in Toronto.

I still think hamilton is better than wpg and will prove so by the end of the season.

Hoping so FYB. :?

winnipeg didn't win. hamilton just lost.
elliot should have been picked off 3 or 4 times last night.
burris fumbled 3 or 4 times. along with a williams fumble. and that last 3rd &1 pass attempt made little sense.
6 turnovers....geez. hamilton just shot themselves in the foot over and over.

anything that could go the bombers way...did.

How about you give credit where credit is due. Bombers played well enough to win. Created 4 turn overs and Elliot threw for over 400 yards!!

Apart from my obvious emotional side for this game rooting for my Cats, this was one weird/interesting game. Games like this must drive coaches crazy.
But Elliott looks like the real deal even though yes, he could have easily been picked a number of times.

I think they may well be, in spite of shooting themselves in foot last night. Hey they are going to have to sit as a team and watch that game film clip by clip, is going to be hard for them to watch. I think that will be the one game of the year that they handle so badly, better to get a game like that out of the way early.

Had they not had the 6 turnovers, they would have won, and on top of that Elliot would not have had his fairly impressive outing. Ticats set Elliot up for his good game, now he may well take some confidence into the next game, mind you can he deliver without 6 turnovers, we shall see.

Burris to Williams is the hottest ticket in town, it started in pre season

The only thing they have is a very explosive offense. the rest is very average to terrible. But with the speed they have on offense they are a threat to win any game against any of the other teams every time out.

I agree with this. The offense in Hamilton is killer. Williams is a nightmare for any DB to contain on the outside, he's so fast and shifty and such a good route-runner that he is going to get his cookies no matter who's covering him. Running game is the problem for them at the moment, but it's pretty incredible that they are continuing to roll even without a decent ground attack.

That said, saying Elliott should have been intercepted but minimizing Burris's fumbles is off-base IMO. Burris has always been a fumbler. That shouldn't be a shock to anyone. Ball security has been a huge issue for him over his entire career. So when your offense is led by Burris, you have to accept the fumbles as part of the deal. He's got a cannon arm, great mobility, and when he's hot, he's lights out, but his penchant for turnovers and running cold at critical times is also an established component of his game. You live with the good and the bad.

....IF you're the best you prove it....Cats did nothing last night to make me a believer...In fact they look like a one-trick pony (williams) with a questionable defence...The last play of the game for the cats looked like a Lapo call...third and one and you go shot-gun....c'mon...Their coach has to be questioned on that one....Best team....ya right :lol:

i credit henry burris for fumbling away the game.
i credit hamilton's players for not holding onto the ball and getting the 'W' in a winnable game against the worst team in professional football.
i credit the bluebombers for showing up and accepting the win as it was handed to them by the tiger-cats.

happy now?

It's a week by week thing - just over a week ago I would say they were the best team in the CFL. We were talking 7 -2 by Labour Day, a week later they are 3 - 4 and could be 3 - 6 after Labour Day.

bombers dint "win" any of their games so dont get on your high horse yet.