anybody seen wayne shaw?

What's up with Wayne Shaw.

It's so noticeable that we have no free safety out there. When our db's need some support, the safety is nowhere in sight. This guy never hits anybody, or if he does he very rarely can bring anyone down. He just never seems to be a factor in the game, yet our secondary is being burned game in and game out, when we need them the most.
I remember when Hitch was playing safety, (in his prime), receivers were terrified to go anywhere near him. He always layed on some serious smacks out there. Many a time he was the defensive player of the game.
How many times has Shaw even been near the ball. Our db's have to tighten up, but obvious area that is weak is at free safety. :cowboy: :cowboy:

Shaw should never have been moved to Safety. We should have picked up a capable safety, and kept Shaw at corner, where he belongs.

our current corners are superior IMO.

Gordon should be able to step in and play safety if he was able to start on Saskatchewan’s defense last year.

But, there’s a reason i’m not a paid member of the coaching staff.

Borehamgirl got a couple of pics of him. :wink:

(PS - Gordon is on the IR)

I wonder if she can tell me what number he wears. I thought they released him in the offseason. If not, do you think Montreal would take him back? :? :?

oh i know he's on the IR.

but i dont think he wasn't at the beginning of the season.

he's only been on IR for the last couple weeks i think.

Shaw has forced a number of fumbles. The schemes have been unique, especially when we go with 3 down lineman and 6 db's. Not an expert but I think he's been a solid player this year.

You are right about Shaw playing well this year, NSK
and the schemes are not easy for us fans to follow.

Sometimes Wayne comes up on a blitz or a fake blitz
and another DB or LB will drop back to coverage as safety.

As Crash mentioned in another thread,
keep in mind players work as a unit.

After Goss's injury, John Salavantis noted on CHML
that Wayne Shaw was not in the safety position at times.

He and Kornegay did some switching at the corner spot
and Arnold Parker may have filled at safety as well.

The pass coverage of the back 7 really has tightened up lately.

Keep it up, men!!

Why not put Sandy back at safety? Hes played well the few times hes been back there. :wink:

Beveridge has been getting playing time. Again, I think Ron makes a great point about Shaw’s versatility. Reed is using him in many different defensive sets. This defense is cover oriented, made to defend 5 receiver plays. The days of the hard hitting scout at safety are gone, at least for now. The premium is on cover skills, and Shaw does that very well.

Shaw is the worst safety in the far..
the only reason he has caused fumbles this season is because he is chasing the guy and he tries to hit the football out instead of making a tackle,he is afraid to hit..
have you noticed how he tackles,lets the guy run by and then tries to hold on to his is a joke back there!
Gordan should start when he gets healthy!

Obviously the coaching staff doesn't share your opinion.

ill admit hes not a great tackler but hes a smart player, almost every play he gets a chance he tries to punch the ball out, 1 outtah 4 times he gets it.. he great for forced fumbles..

Shaw is the weak link in the secondary.

Anyone thinking that he's having a solid season is dreaming. Although he does come up to blitz the odd time, he's generally never supporting the db's in deep coverage. If he was that good, Montreal would have held onto him....being a nonimport. Our secondary is being burned deep consistanly at critical times, game in and game out, and we never seem to have a safety supporting and breaking up plays.

To say, that in todays game that you don't need a hitter at safety is a stretch. What you need is a rangey cover man who can hit like a tank. You want that receiver to know that he's going get smacked if he makes a catch. :cowboy:

In the last couple years we've had the worst secondary in the league........and you think they're playing good......I guess I got use to the hard nosed defences when Sudsey was running the show. :cowboy:

No arguement about the Sudsey years. And yes, sfatey help has been absent on many long balls this year. But from the TV views, it really looks like we're hanging guys out to dry in one on one coverage by design. Reed plays a high risk scheme...

With Mike Echols, Arnold Parker and Sam Young
all sniffing around for permanent jobs,
we will see who's still standing at the end.

May the best man win!

This is no time for players to be complacent
with competition breathing down their necks!

As a fan you gotta love it!

Hey kid,

There is so truth to that. A lot of it has to do with the defensive schemes Reed is employing. We always seem to be out of position in the secondary.
Since Hitch lost a step back there we have never been able to replace him. The way we're getting burned back there, I'd be looking for a import if we can't find a quality canuck.....maybe use four non-imports on the O-line. :cowboy: