Anybody seen any TV ratings for week 1?

Anyone? Anyone?

Ask and you shall receive..

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It's quite obvious having Canada Day on Friday didn't help this year. Those ratings are poor by CFL standards (and great for just about anything else). It's also missing the Hamilton-Winnipeg game for some reason.

Maybe now people who lambast Als fans for not packing Molson Stadium will understand why some fans who'd paid for their tickets chose not to show up to a traffic-congested Molson Stadium at the start of a long weekend.

How's that? I didn't see anything in there that spoke to the issue one way or the other. Maybe I am not getting your meanting??

Where's the Winnipeg/Hamilton game?

I'd say the Toronto game is the only disappointing one. The other two drew good numbers.

Hi guys, I’m the author of the site that was linked to. I didn’t have the ratings for WPG-HAM at the time. I do now; average audience was 462, 000. It was probably so low because of two small markets, Canada Day and an early start.

The average for all 4 games in week 1 was 613, 000. The 4 CFL games ranked 1, 2, 4 and 6 among sports broadcasts that weekend. The PHI-TOR series had the 3rd and 5th spots. CFL ratings seem a bit down, while Jays ratings are a bit up this season.

If anyone is interested I plan on posting the ratings on my blog all season. I’ll try to remember to post them here too.

Thanks for the info and follow up.

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Well, there were a lot of people posting that it was disturbing and sad that the Als didn’t sell out the season opener. Some were questioning Montreal’s commitment to the Alouettes, and to sports in general. Reality is that the game was on a completely sub-optima day: Thursday evening right before a long weekend (Canada Day). The city is undergoing a lot of road repair and traffic is a mess downtown. Getting to Molson Stadium would be a nightmare. Considering that, getting 22,000 to see the game was pretty good. :wink: