Anybody see "The Extra Yard"

Didn't stay up lastnight to watch it but I PVR'd it and watched it this morning before work. I thought it was EXCELLENT! I really liked how competitive the starting job for Nose Tackle was. Claude Wroten looks like he'll be great this year. Hopefully he pays all his parking tickets and stays out of trouble! The show really illustrates just how cut-throat of a business professional football is. We got to see a lot of things you don't see or understand just by watching the games. Great show. I hope they do a different team next year. I wouldn't mind seeing them do Hamilton, Montreal or Saskatchewan.

I watched it last night after the game. It was good. I enjoyed it. I laughed at Wroten almost losing out because of parking tickets. Come on, man. :lol: Shame what happened with Nate Robinson.

I thought the "cuts" segment at the end was a bit much. Getting cut sucks, but I thought it was a little over-dramatic.

I was surprised how all of the cuts shown took the bad news fairly well and were composed about it.
Can't wait for the next shows.

I also enjoyed it, I wasn't aware of how a team conducts things (what is said) on and off the field.