Anybody read Jack Todd today?

Did you see his article calling for Mathiews head, demanding that he be fired even if they win the cup?
Why? you ask?
It seems that Mr. Todd thinks that the Don is not nice enough to the sports media. What a whining sack of… Todd is.

Mathiews is there to win football games not to be nice to the media I don’t know about you guys but I would rather have a coach that wins football games over one that hands out lollipops and has group hugs.

Don’t like it Mr. Todd? Go out and find a real job…

you should know by now to take what he says worht a grain of salt the guy is such a bandwaggon jumper its scary. When the als were losing he was calling for matthews head then when they started winning hes the greatest football mind in canada anyone htat finds links between chretien and lindros clearly has something wrong in his head

You have a link ?

Todd has his moments, but he's often guilty of doing the very thing he accuses Matthews of doing: sticking with a point of view long after events necessitate a change in said point of view. If we'd lost to the Roughriders or lost big to the Argos, I probably would have agreed that it was time for Matthews to go. After all, you can't sell tickets based on a Grey Cup win from three years ago, and our playoff pattern has indicated regression rather than progression: Grey Cup (2002), Grey Cup loss (2003), East Division loss at home (2004), second-place East Division finish (2005). But with the Als showing grit, character and skill in the two wins and definitively proving that they deserve to represent the East in the Grey Cup, Todd has egg on his face because he simply won't admit that he was wrong, or that he drastically overstated the case against Matthews. That's just stupid. Matthews isn't nice to the media? Boo frickin hoo. If we win the Grey Cup this year, Matthews can punch every single football reporter in the city in the face and I won't care. Neither will any other Als fan. Winning is the only thing that matters.

I wouldn't put too much stock in Todd's opinions on football. He's not a football man and doesn't really understand the game. Zerkowsky at least knows the team and the game itself and has the guts to ask tough questions that are relevant to the team's success or failure. Todd just airs his largely uninformed opinions using ridiculous hyperbole and fifth-grader English. Sometimes he's right -- even a stopped clock is right twice a day -- but most of the time, he just comes off like a loudmouthed idiot.

I have an interesting story that will illustrate just what kind of reporter and man Jack Todd is. Many years ago (don't remember exactly, had to be between 6-10), Jack Todd's son played midget football for a local minor organization. I believe he was the QB. So you can imagine what kind of coverage said team got in the sports pages of the Gazette. That in itself is fine, since coverage for one team invariably meant coverage for the other teams. One weekend, his son's team played a machine of a football team and got slaughtered. Not only on the scoreboard, but physically as well. Nothing cheap, just good, hard, clean football. It was obvious from seeing the game, and I did see it, that his son's team was out of their league. Monday morning rolls around, and I open the newspaper to the sports section. And there in black and white, Jack Todd was calling this team that had beat his son's hooligans and thugs. A team comprised of mostly 16-17 year olds. What made it worse is that it was a team of mostly inner city kids, many who came from seriously under-priviledged families. I knew many of these kids, and they were on the most part great kids with hearts of gold. Their only "crime" was being infinitely better at football than his son's team, and yet from reading Jack Todd's article you would think they were terrors. And that's the problem, because not many people were at that game, and a lot of people believe the crap he writes, so automatically, they attach the name of that football team with thugs and hooligans. Imagine putting on a CV that you played for that football team, and someone who just read his article is the one going over that CV.

There is one thing to put a personal bias in your reporting, there is another when you are malicious in what you write. Jack Todd has no business being a reporter, whether it be sports or anything else.

It brings be back to why I have no respect for the media.

I remember that football column after his sons team got creamed, that was bad.
He gets to opiniated and stubborn (like Matthews). Like the Lance Armstrong attacks all the time,with no proof he cheated, but Todd keeps insisting. I guess he is paid for his opinions, but I only agree with a few of them.

here is the link:

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Like one of my buddy told me, Todd will always be a "tool" for the Gazette....he's doing what he's told...that guy probably has the IQ of a squirrel....I find his article very...huh....out of whack !

thanks for the link Xgamer.

I dont care either if the media dont like Matthews. Even if i dont always like his calls, he is a hell of a football coach. And if he still want to coach our team, i hope the Als will keep him !

Yes Mr Todd Needs to move to Green Bay So he can have Cheese with his Whining

Looks like he's doing is Mea-culpa...sort of:

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I wouldnt pay to read this guy...