Anybody off tomorrow to go see Star Wars?

According to the media, the launch of the 3rd episode of Star Wars will cost our businesses 627 millions $ in absenteeism. Will any of you plan on being sick tomorrow? Or at least, do you expect to go see that movie this weekend?

(And just before someone tells me this topic has nothing to do with the CFL, let me remind you all that movie features Hugh Campbell as the Emperor, and Eski-Moses as Chewbacca :wink: .)

…no…Singor Mobley does not make a suitable replacement for Natalie Portman in the role of Queen Amadala…

Chris Walby would make a good Jabba and Gizmo would make a killer ewok.

lol… Pinball wouldn’t be a bad ewok either…

i think i can understand Chewbacca better though

hey i just watched this, good movie. youd think its hard to pull off a movie where everyone knows what happens before and after, and some moments during, but Lucas pulled it off pretty good.

This is exactly what Matt Dunnigan failed to do last season. We always knew what would happen at the beginning of a Stampeders game and how it would finish no matter who they played… but it lacked that “interesting part” in the middle.