anybody know who the best fullback prospect is in the draft?

We'll probably have to take a FB now that Piercy is gone, and because Montreal stole Giffen.

We still have Rob Pavlovic [ FB Non-Import 6.04 255 1984-11-01 South Carolina ]

There was talk of grooming him
as an O-lineman this year though

and continuing to use him as Tight End
when we are in Double Tight End formation.

He fits my idea of a big, short yardage full back.

It disappointed me when he didn't get
called on in those situations last year

If we sign Lumsden, we could have a backfield of Lummer and Keith. Sounds pretty good to me.

Eric Lee

How exactly did Montreal "steal" Giffen???

Popp and Tretman showed up at IW after practice with a black van, sedated Giffen and shoved him in back of the van, he was then driven to Montreal and underwent months of suggestion under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

Actually OB released him from camp without making a any commitment financial or otherwise to the kid making him a FREE AGENT.

queue them from '24'....."the following takes place between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm" ....

  1. Eric Lee (running back, Weber State, 5'11", 230 lbs.) - He goes by the last name Lee but was born Eric Acheampong in the African nation of Ghana. He grew up in Ontario, completed high school in New Mexico, and attended a junior college in Arizona before arriving at Weber State University in Utah. And, as interesting as his story is off the field, it's what Eric Lee brings to the gridiron that has scouts talking. At 230 pounds, Lee, who also ran track at the juco level, is the fastest player on the WSU roster. That combination of size and speed should allow him to contribute at fullback and tailback in a CFL offence.

I can't think of any CIS guys in this year's draft.

We could always give Kojo Aidoo a call :smiley:

queue them from '24'....."the following takes place between 11:00 am and 12:00 pm


Jack Bauer to the rescue. :rockin:

Jim has better hair then The Kiefer LOL!!