Anybody know what the price is to BUY officials???

Well Jack, I don't usually comment on other teams, but after watching both games being affected by lop-sided officiating, and then reading Sask. fans on this board say the refs had nothing to do with it, I decided to fire a salvo across their bow. I wondered about Marshalls' firing since day one. I figured we'd lose in Sask, not the way it happened though. Then to have it repeated is too much.....One thing, what happens if Miller gets sick and can't coach, does the team start sulking again until he comes back?

Agreed. 1 blown call.

With that mentioned, I noticed a change in Durrants play with Miller back too. :thup:

...the way Miller is dancing around (must;ve took lessons from Danny M.) ...laughing and giggling on the sidelines, it's not likely he;ll get sick....He might suffer a stitch from his laughter and have to be administerd to BUT otherwise i think he'll be jovial right till the end of the year....Marshall didn't have any merriment going for him...hence his release :lol: ..The antics by Durant at the end of the game ...yelling at the fans and conducting an imagined symphony will catch-up...He may not have to play at CanadInns anymore but i'll mark that little effort down and have him rehearse that one again in the new digs....Miller is going to call it a day at the end of the year (says so himself ) His health will probably dictate that...soooooo the search for a new coach will begin...Look for Durant to go into deep depression once again once the new guy is on board :lol: ...

Some head scratchers for sure, but that’s nothing new for the Proulx crew, they’re just bad.

Only my point about the "spear" was directed toward you Wolverine. I didn't think you thought the calls cost you the game, Others however did, that is who I was responding to.

But regarding the Robinson Stewart tussle, I have to disagree with you. A cut block is a legal play. The call was not a run up the middle, but rather a draw play to that side of the field. It was Robinson's job to take the corner out of the play, a cut block is an effective way to do that, even if it may not be the nicest thing to do. I have no idea what was going on between those two players earlier in the game and it could have been Robinson trying to respond to something Stewart did. Obviously that is just conjecture on my part not based on any fact, but the fact remains that Robinson legally blocked Stewart, and Stewart flew off the handle.

Whatever the price, it’s either too much or not enough depending on which side of the ball you’re on.

A cut block is actually not a legal play at all times. The rule book calls for a 15 yard penalty for a cut block in certain situations in order to protect players from needless injury. From the CFL rule book, added in 2008 -

4) Paragraph added to the following section: • Rule 7, Section 2, Article 3 - Unnecessary Roughness (o) Unnecessary physical contact, including but not limited to, running into, diving into, cut blocking or throwing the body on a player who is: i) out of play, or ii) should not have reasonably anticipated such contact by an opponent, before or after the ball is dead; throwing a ball carrier to the ground after the ball is dead.
IMO it meets the standard of unnecessary physical contact to a player who is out of the play, which the rule does not specify out of bounds but just out of play. The play was not anywhere near either player and Stewart didn't even see the draw play as he was turned the wrong way and appeared to be attempting to jam the receiver. It also meets the other standard of the player not reasonably anticipating such contact by the opponent. Regardless, whether you agree or disagree, there was absolutely no need for a cut block on the play. I also disagree with your conjecture that it was Robinson's job to take the corner out of the play when the play was no where near either player when the block occurred (watch the replay, the play was a draw up the middle and not coming to their end of the field) or that Robinson was necessarily reacting to something Stewart did. You have no way of knowing whether either is true, you're just speculating to support Robinson's play. Maybe Robinson is just a marginal receiver who was trying to find a way to keep his job with changes coming to the Riders receiving core. At any rate I agree with Stewart getting tossed for throwing punches, however Robinson should've been given a 15 yard penalty on that play.

I don't think we are going agree here wolverine. A cut block is almost always going to occur when a player is not expecting it, thus it's effectiveness. I'm sure this is not the first time that Stewart has been cut or had a cut block thrown at him in a one-on-one situation out on the corner. So i definitely disagree that Stewart didn't have some kind of reasonable anticipation for it. As for it being out of play I think you should watch it again, look at the blocking and not where it ends up. This is clearly a run outside left. The Tackle pushes the end deep, the rest of the line is trying to stack them and push to the right. The two slots, Hill runs his Db deep, and then trys to push him inside, and Getzlaf does pretty much nothing. The Wpg front 7 does a good job though, and turns Cates inside and swallows him up. But regardless, at the start of every play, no one is "out of play" IMO.
Robinson did receive a 15yder on the play by the way, but I think it was for the pushing and shoving after getting punched. It may have been for the cut though.

Pretty sure cut blocks are illegal outside the tackles and inside if the player is already engaged with someone????

Rule 7 Sec 2 article 8
Article 8 – Cut Blocking
It shall be illegal to contact an opponent at or below the knees when that opponent is:
(a) in a backfield position blocking for the passer or kicker, or,
(b) blocking for the ball carrier on a kick return play or,
(c) a potential pass receiver on the line of scrimmage.

Thanks billy, but wtf is this now,

(c) a potential pass receiver on the line of scrimmage.
talk about a one sided rule, that needs to be changed, it's just as dangerous for DB's or LB's as it is for receivers.

Billy soup is listing the original rule, what I posted was a change to the rule done in 2008. The rule change calls for a 15 yard penalty for unnecessary physical contact based on those criteria and it doesn't specify whether the offender is an offensive or defensive player. I may be misinterpreting the way it should be applied though. Regardless Billy Soup and I can agree on one thing - we won't ever agree on this issue.