Anybody Know How To Stiche?? lol

hey all, i got myself a number 9 amerson jersey, im to cheap n lazy to take it in to get McKay on it, anybody like know ne1 who does this kinda stuff, cant b that hard right? ne1 have a clue??

I have some white chaulk that you can borrow.
It is the quickest and cheapest way to do it.

Just so we know it is you Blitz, just write Mc-eh

I bet you could go in to any retirement home and find a retired world champion sewer that could help you out for free.

Actually I heard someone joke, at least I think it was a joke, that anyone buying a Cats jersey from now on also receives with the jersey a free name remover and adder with all the players coming and going like wildfire. :wink:

bahaha, old folkes home! never thought of that bahaha :smiley::smiley: