Anybody heard from cleo?

Have not heard a word about cleo since is left. I was just wondering if he was ripping the league as a bush league or something since his dismissal.

Not a word anywhere that I've seen. Maybe he's trying to get on another team so his agent told him to keep quiet.

I don't see why he would rip the league. The Argos, and more specifically Jim Barker, I would understand, but not the league itself.

Haven't heard a peep out of him either..

He may be quietly waiting for offers...who knows..
Problem is, his antics and malicious and narcissistic attitude towards his own teammates makes him unappealing to most clubs.
This is why the Bombers signed Bishop recently as insurance instead of someone like Lemon.

Bishop is not a great QB by any means although he is well liked by teammates and coaching staff alike and brings up morale and intensity in the clubhouse.
Lemon is the opposite.

Hopefully, Lemon can adjust his temperament and continue his career as he possesses quality talent.

big deal, the guy should just go look for a normal job and hide.

Why hide? Looking at the Argos now, it seems as if the problems they have had nothing to do with Lemon. It's not like Jyles has been any better. Lemon was a scapegoat and, since most of the fans already believed he wasn't the guy, he was easy to get rid of. But if you look at his last few games (not just the numbers, but watch the actual games) it seemed as if he started to get it. Lemon would never have been Doug Flutie, but you don't have to be to get to the Grey Cup. Your QB has shown us that.

Lemon was released because unlike the Riders, the Argo GM couldn't fire the coach. It's obvious from the teams performance before and after that he wasn't the problem. The offense is just bad, period.

I'd reword that slightly as follows:

It's obvious from the team's performance before and after that he wasn't the only problem. The offense is just bad, period. And that includes the offensive coordinator, the play calling, the offensive line, the receiving corps, and the QBs (Lemon, Bell, and Jyles; they've all played rather poorly).

Heard he's selling used cars now. Don't know if I'd ever buy some "lemon" from him though! :lol: :wink:

I don't think we will see Cleo again in the CFL. Perhaps as an emergency backup like Bishop, but not as a serious QB.

He was just plain horrible here for a year and a half.

Just like every other Argo QB in the two seasons in question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Important to remember, many of us had no idea Who lemon was before Barker brought him in. And i think we will son forget about him.

Cleo's got a new job, and he's "lovin' it!"

he is an agent for control????

It's a shame. He was on the up. Barker went out of his way to let everyone know that Lemon wasn't pulled because he played bad. If he hadn't sulked about it, he would have gone back in after Bell's 2nd pick and he'd still be an Argo. I guess he made his own bed.

Barker made a pitch for Jyles (and Cleo knew it) for a reason in point of being Toronto’s future #1QB for 2012. I don’t blame Lemon in the least of how that scenario went down at half time in Cleo’s last game. I’m in the minority on Cleo Lemon, but atleast he got the job done to the best of his ability.

I’m pretty sure he sulked because he knew the writing was already on the wall.

Disagree, because the writing was not on the wall.

if he is any good, he will resurface like ac did. if he really is a lemon, then look for him at the nearest lemonade stand.