Anybody Ever Have a Debate With a CFL BAsher?

I think the site should hire Larrysmiles to teach debating. Now I know from going 17 pages with him that he is the guy that can handle any CFL basher. MIss ya Larry! :lol: :lol:

I don't know how many times I've had those arguments with people, be it online or in person. Personally enjoy the arguments though as the people I have them with know pretty much nothing about football in general.

The most fun you can have with it though is if you're arguing with an American who hates the CFL or anything Canadian sports related....remind them that the North American version of football was Canadian invented :rockin: , it makes them pretty sad and quiet.


The NFL is not the enemy. Ignorance is the enemy. The more people who get to watch a good CFL game, the more will become fans.

I have noticed this year alot more posts from Americans who like the CFL…Albeit they were following there fav college star…But I think the level of play and positive comments from Ricky Williams last year certainly helped.

Here is a true bonifide NFL star, that truly enjoyed playing in the CFL.

What is this? Football Debates with Mr. Rogers?!?
Ignore the his respect and then slowly bring up the CFL in a positive light.
Where are you guys from? Fantasyland?
Debate opinions with facts to support it. More passing, less rushing, less bullspit between plays (ie, shorter play clock), no stoopid fair catches. Based on that you should be able to put a decent argument together to support the CFL.
A true football fan will see your points and admit there just might be something to this CFL, that he has been bashing.
Others will say "It still seems bush league.", which is a lost cause because there will be no convincing them.
Another good suggestion to tackle the folks blinded by the NFL is to start raving about the CFL's Open-field kicks and how often they are used, this will really confuse the person, if you phrase it just right the guy will walk away not knowing if you were talking about football or rugby.

What did he say exactly? Did he enjoy playing up here because we have pretty loose laws regarding marijuana use and the league didn't seem to mind him blazing on the sidelines?

The thing about these supposed "big" NFL fans up here, which when you look at it aren't that many, is that they hate the CFL for reasons that are down right stupid.

And when you challenge them on it, they have no response.

Because first their arguements are so idiotic, like that guy yesterday, they can't back it up.

And second, they know squat about football. Except for the few quarters of NFL they watch every year.

I think the media is to blame for the negative attitude towards the CFL by people who barely know football.

They read how supposed inferior it is, and they just repeat it.

The media, mainly in Hogtown, has made the NFL the "in" thing for some reason. And these dummies just mimic what they read.

Here's the problem, you can't be a fan of both teams. :cowboy:

And his reason? He says to me with a straight face that the CFL is subsidized by the government, and taxpayers shouldn't have to support a league they don't want!
If you investigate all of the new NFL stadia being built, you will find that many of those are also being subsidised by local and state governments.

The city of Seattle put themselves in debt for 30 years, and the owner of that team is the president of Microsoft. Even the Dallas Cowboys managed to get some tax dollars to build their new stadium.

IIRC a bill was introduced in congress that would try to prevent rich football teams and their owners from getting tax dollars to build new stadia.

Here is a recent article and quote:

Seeking a way to pay for a new 49ers stadium

American taxpayers have paid more than $4 billion to subsidize new stadiums for NFL teams since 1992, according to a recent California legislative analysis.

Thanks Pee Wee Herman! But already I am lost what you are trying to say and I am sure a pro NFL fan would listen to your babbling.

He said something to the extent that if you want to play for money, play in the NFL. If you want to play for fun and to meet great people, play in the CFL.

Some people don't understand CFL rules and they need to have them explained.

For example, some people don't like the CFL because they think that if you miss a field goal, you still get a point.

Of course we all know this is not the case.

These people need to be told, in a calm and rational voice, that the 1 point is awarded for the ball going through the end zone, or, if the defender wants to concede the point and scrimmage from the 35 yard line for better field position.

Please don’t call me names, it makes you look foolish and I get embarassed for you, which I don’t like.
If you’re lost in what I’m trying to say…well sir…I have no way of telling how simplistic your mind is…but you’re giving me a pretty good idea.

I’ll give you a lite version…
Explain the rules of the CFL and how those rules improve the game.
3 downs instead of 4: Encourages more passing which is more exciting. Each team has more possessions, etc., etc.
20 sec. play clock instead of 40: Speeds the entire game up making stoppages shorter, more action in less time
No fair catch rule: More likely to see big hits after a kick-off/punt. No yards limits this some but not as much as wimpy fair-catches. Far less “non-returns”
Players in motion: CFL allows all players in the backfield to be in motion, allows for more creative plays
Anything else you’d like me to explain?

If you’re wondering about the open-field kicks…look it up yourself if you don’t know.

Hey berezin99

Just a hunch, but I expect that your basher is a 'rasslin fan as well. Correct?

I’m putting my money on Nascar

2 Much:
I don't know. We didn't get that far.
But I wouldn't be surprised. He seemed like a country boy to me, the way he was dressed.
And we know how country boys love wrestling and NASCAR.

But everytime I get in an arguement with these supposed "big" NFL fans, they have no ammunition.

Becuase they only spout what they read or hear, but have nothing to back it up with.
Because they know squat about football.

Its hillarious how I can give them the facts and they have no answer. In fact they usually try to change the subject. It happens every time!

On the subject of CFL vs. NFL rules, has anyone been able to find an official NFL rulebook.

The CFL has a published version of their rulebook available for download, but, when we discussed this last time on this forum, no one was able to find an official NFL rulebook, just the rule guide on the NFL site. Rulebook

That's all I could find so far...I'll look a bit more.

It seems like they sell rulebooks, so I doubt you'll be able to download one for free.

Ahh the NFL...gotta love it! Can't even learn the rules without payin'!

Yes, this is a good site with a summary of the rules, but there was something being debated here last year (I can't remember exactly what, now) and we were trying to find out how the NFL would rule a specific call and this site didn't have the answer.

But, a good site nonetheless.

I had a CFL v NFL debate with a co-worker recently. He brought up the single point for a missed FG.

I explained to him that single is NOT a reward for missing the FG, it is more of a penalty against the return team for not running the ball out of the end zone. In the CFL many MFG are run out of the end zone and result in long return plays so it is often better to avoid giving up the single.

In the end we agreed that football [CFL or NFL] is a better sport than any other.

There is a debate raging on the indy board over KK. Americans ripping our game is one thing ,but there is a canuck on there saying .''since I am from canada and I know how shitty the CFL is''Guys like that disgust me ,becasue it seems they are american wannabees and have fallen for all the hype of the american game.