Anybody Ever Have a Debate With a CFL BAsher?

So my freind is talking to some guy I've never met before, and this guy brings up that he was watching the NFL all day Sunday.

Then he starts talking about "Chitown", and how he's a big fan of "Chitown". Then he asks me who I cheer for.

Of course, me being a CFL fan, say the Argonuats or Ticats.

He then looks at me like I was from another planet and says, "Canadian football?" Like he wanted to spit after saying it.

Then he says to me. " I wish Canadian football would just go away". And his reason? He says to me with a straight face that the CFL is subsidized by the government, and taxpayers shouldn't have to support a league they don't want!

After this dummy said this, I tried to mention TV ratings and other facts, but the guy wanted no part of it. He even seemed amazed I would try to defend the league.

I don't know if the CFL isn't trumpeting itself enouhg, but when you have dummies like this who have these idiotic ideas about the CFL, you have to wonder.

...did this guy go by the handle Statik76?....

Dummies are dummies. Doesnt matter what you say to them, they are still dummies. Thats the way I try to look at it...

Why do you bother? The best advice is to ignore it. He made that statment for one reason to get a reaction from you. And guess what you provided him that satisfaction.

In 1989, in TO, I got similar trash from some guy.
his big thing was, "the CFL is holding back progress. Get rid of the CFL so TO can get a REAL team, an NFL team"
Blah, blah blah!
And he was positively foaming at the mouth, and I think he was going to actually start a fist fight over the issue. Swear to god he was clenching his fists and getting up off his chair.
I think he suddenly realized there were about a dozen of us, and his 3 friends were looking completely appalled by the whole thing, so he sat back down and uttered a few profanities and shut up....

Thoroughly amusing if it weren't so sad....

Nah. This guy was serious. Not a rocket scientist, but he was serious.

In fact while I was willing to go on, he changed the subject. Probably realizing he didn't know what he was talking about.

Those people have no sense of football. They think that since the NFL pay out huge dollars,then the product has to be totally better.They are taken in by the salaries and the ego’s. Guys like moss and TO really appeal to these people.It is amazing how alot of canadians bad mouth the americans but can’t get enough of america. It is all about hype and the NFL knows it. The CFL needs to maybe hype it up a abit and tsn has to start getting the camera set up like the NFL games.Funny how the games between the NFL and CFL quit after the ticats beat the bills. You will never see a game between the 2 again ,because it would be a disaster for the NFL if the CFL team made it a close game or even won.

I think every CFL fan has had the unfortunate experience of having to defend our league to some ignorant fool that is blinded by glitz and glamour.
What I've found is that these anti-CFL people know nothing about the league and end up resorting to "It just seems so bush-league.", which it very well might...but I for one like that. Let the kagillionaires play some dumb game with 4 downs and worry more about their own health than a 1st down...wouldn't want to lose that big contract or endorsement deal!
The CFL game is much better to watch, in my opinion. However, it doesn't have the glitz and glam that the NFL provides. Some people are just drawn to what the majority of people are also drawn to.
Buying up Superbowl ad time on a Canadian station might be the best bet. Just show like 29 seconds of amazing CFL action followed by 1 second of the CFL logo. It'd be costly...but it would at least reach the intended audience, not sure if the NFL would allow it (if they'd have a say).
Just say 'baaaaaaahhhhh baaaaahhhhhhh baaaaaaaahhh' and leave it at that.
This is another instance where a CFL video game could possibly help change this opinion of the CFL early on in a kid's life.
I'm not sure if simply promoting the game will sway people like this...they tend to be the type of people that don't watch Canadian stations much of the marketing might not even reach the intended audience.

I have always found that these people who criticize the CFL, and talk about how much better the NFL is, rarely know anything about the NFL either, but just think they sound smart by criticizing something.

Snobbish and jalousie, they can’t figure it out how CFL is able to give a better show with so little money.

Oh man…jalousie. Sorry…couldn’t resist. Super funny!
I don’t agree with either…maybe snobbish to a small degree, NFL fans like the attention the NFL gets and how easy it is to follow it.

So, this is my answer,

I say it again without a doubt

These guys are dumbasses. I hate them.

I know you guys are located in I want to be in America but really there is no need to talk badly of the NFL. It is all football and one brand is different from the other. Both entertain their fans. No big deal!

No need to bad-mouth the NFL unless you are talking to someone who bad-mouths the CFL.

Again if they bad the CFL who cares you know you like it better. So by bad mouthing the NFL are you going to change that guys mind on the CFL. No! Ignore and that person will not get his reaction and simple shut his pie hole. Pretty simple really.

Or, the wiser solution would be to play along with his NFL obsession then once you have gained his respect, bring up the CFL in a positive light. That way, at least he will gain respect for the CFL knowing that someone else who follows the NFL likes the CFL.

^^THat's the smart thing.

That is a good direction but do not bet on it. Some of these guys will never ever change their mind. They wear NFL underwear and they hug the American flag. NFL wanna bees! :lol:

Its mbeen my experience that many of those who bad mouth the CFL have never seen a CFL game and really dont know anything about the NFL either.