Anybody Else Now Worried About the Crossover?

Okay, B.C.'s win puts them 1 game behind us in the crossover. Sask. is 2 games behind. At the beginning of the season it looked like an Eastern team might even cross into the west- but now the field looks different.

Now I know that I'm not one of you "glass if half full guys." Hey, I'm not even one of those "glass is half empty guys." I've always believed that the glass is cracked and the water has leaked all over the table, ruined it's finish, and has also shorted out the power supply to my computer. But I digress.

Is anyone else worried?

YUP! :cry:

Yes. It is a real possibility.

Oski Wee Wee,


Mark, that very thought came to mind watching both games today. Something that seemed remote just a few short weeks ago is now starting to loom large.

Don't look back, something might be gaining on you!

Satchel Paige

We definitely need to worry about that.

It was said that the blue team was in our rear view mirror. But those objects in the mirror that are closer than they appear that keep getting closer are the Lions and Riders.

And they are getting closer as they are on winning streaks. The Ticats on the other hand...

And you know, we sent AB3 to BC and got no players in return. That game when they come to town on October 22nd could be huge. And the week after that, the Ticats play in Saskatchewan. Then their regular season ends in Toronto. Could be an interesting finish to the regular season.

Help us Obiwan, you are our only hope.

There's not a @#$%ing thing we can do about it, so sit back and enjoy the show. (check the scratching post comment)

:thdn: :thdn:

I am glass is half empty. Sorry...always have been. But from what I've seen of the teams that have played so far this weekend....I wouldn't be surprised if the Cats lose the rest of their games. The Cats look to be a complete wreck, the other teams are picking up steam (even the Argos looked to be getting better).

Well we haven't had the kiss of death yet (beaten by the Argos), so who knows.

I was just looking at the standings and came on here to make a similar post... no need... you beat me to it.

YES I am worried.

I love the 'Cats but there's something going on. There's a reason that the team isn't giving it's all. A change needs to happen at the end of the season... New Coach.

We also need a new QB but there's NOBODY out there.

:roll: heck we have to be real worried as we will most likely drop the Moncton Bowl as Calgary will be real hungary for that W and they looked better in thier lossthen us ,BC is looking great , if we lose to the Argos thats when I will throw in the towel and say this season is over....... :roll:

Right on. Cant do much this season. I am now thinking 9-9 is too optimistic. If they miss the playoffs, Mediocre Marcel will probably be gone. Need an inspirational leader (look what Miller's return has done for the Riders - the players love playing for the guy!)

The way this team has played lately, I'm don't even feel confident thinking about the crossover. At least until they can prove that they can win when needed to, or at all.

Dont Forget: To cross over the team must have more points

CFL Crossover Rule: If the fourth place team in Division A has more points than the third place team in Division B, the fourth place team in Division A will make the playoffs and the third place team in Division B will not.

Although the crossover rule implies that it is possible for two teams in the same division to play for the Grey Cup, no team that has crossed over has gone past the Division Semifinals.

The trends are scary and it’s almost always the case that the last half or 3rd of the season tells you what a team is made of.

Hamilton lost last 2

BC won last 4

Sask won last 3

The last 1/3rd of the season has NOT even been played yet ! It's not how you start it's how you finish. There is still 7 games left! Don't forget the Cats lost the first two games of the season. We beat Montreal twice ! So we will see !! :thup:
Don't lose the faith, and get caught up in the negativity!!

There has to be a reason why the Tiger Cats were blown out the last two games. I don’t believe Hage is the only reason the offense is out of sink. Year after year other teams find the gems cut from the NFL and this year the Cats picj up some DB from the BIlls? I beleive the team is at leat four players away from being a great team. The two interior lineman Steele and Smith are not getting the job done at all. As one other poster stated were light at the tackle spot. I also believe the DB situation is a huge problem just like anyone else who has some idea about how defence should operate. The Hinds move to safety was an absolute joke… Are you kidding me? I am worried about the west crossing over because the coaches don’t seem to get it. We did not have the correct talent to start with at training camp and you can not put a square peg in a round hole. That’s the problem with this team, they don’t now how to properly utilize some of the talent that they have. If the Cats continue this downward swing…say good night Dick the show is over.

You are right!

It's not too late, but there is an urgency approaching very quickly, and this current trend must be changed!

Only thing you can do is be the 13th man. This coming game vs Toronto, lets make the Argos the away team and fill the dome with Black and Gold.

Absolutly !! Lets get as many Ticats Fans there as possible !!