Anybody else noticed Henry Burris' acting talent?

Last weekend, I watched three of the four games presented on TV. As a result, I was exposed to about 180 Wendy's ads. This morning, I was so brainwashed that I even ate my cereals with a Fpoon.

But I disgress.

I wanted to talk about the spot in which a teenager ask his dad if he can borrow the car. The man says no, but then changes his mind when the teenager shows him a rubber-burger dripping yellow sauce. "What about... now?", he asks.

And later on, when he gets home past his curfew, both parents wait in the hall to tell him he'd be grounded, until he gets two of these horrible burgers and his "What about... now?".

See what spot I'm talking about? Good.

Now tell me, isn't that Henry Burris playing the teenager part? Everytime I see that ad I laugh thinking Calgary's star QB needed a sideline and made that ad.

If you haven't notice yet, pay attention the next time you see the ad... Burris even handles the burgers the same way he handles the ball when he runs!

he also shows his acting talent on the feild in the 4th the other day! :lol:

I saw his acting talent when he was here in Sask-- he told all the fans that he wouldnt leave until we won a GC,and boy did he sound sincere! However, he showed his immature and selfish side when the offer came to re-sign him. He wanted to be a undisputed no 1 QB, and complete control-- when Shivers and Barrett balked thats when he bolted. The sincerity was an Oscar performance :thdn:

Third...Great minds think alike! I thought that was a Younger Henry Burris as well.......