Anybody else in a CFL draft pool with their buddies?

A couple of buddies and I sat down last weekend and drafted a mock team of CFL players, QB, RB, WR, DB, K, etc. It’s pretty cool but we’re having a tought time with some areas. If you are in a similar draft please get back here to me.


Me and two other guys are in a draft pool. . .what do you need?

How does it not take you 5 hours to organize the stats every week to see who’s leading?

Last season I ran a successful fantasy league with 7 others. It worked out very well. Just like an NFL fantasy league. Pts for TDs, FG, Def Sacks, etc.

Each week you select 1 QB, 2 RB, 4 WR,K, Defence and Return Specialist. There were conditions to the players. Defence and Kicker could be from any team playing that week. The remaining must be one player from each team. Another catch was an Import ratio. You need to have 3 Canadians playing each week, usually 1K, 2 WR. Of the 70 games last season we never had the same lineup twice.

Due to the short preseason and lack of media we wait until week 4 so that everyone gets an idea of the players before the season begins. This year we are increasing the size to 10 teams.

Our league is located at the site:

Hope this helps.