Anybody Else Here Who Could Care Less About Super Bowl?

I hear the NFL championship game is on next Sunday.
But I could care less.
In fact I couldn't even tell you whose playing in the "big" game.

I haven't watched a full football game since the Grey Cup.
I haven't watched more then five minutes of an NFL game this year.
For me I go from the CFL right into hockey.
I'm sure millions of Canadians are like that.

But as far as watching the Super Bowl?
With the star spangled banner being sung.
And all the flag waving and American patriotism?

Why should I care?
Like the way the media up here tells us its the greatest thing since sliced bread?
Whats it gotta do with me?

I don't care simply because it's boring. I do not like the NFL at all. 4 downs, too many time outs, 40 second play clock etc... No thanks.

I am presuming that you meant to say that you couldn't care less.

Assuming that to be the case, I more or less agree. I have no plans to watch it. . . if I happen not to be doing anything else and happen to be in front of the TV and flip stations, I may catch about five minutes of it, but doubt very much that I'd stay any longer.


Those who continue to say “NFL is boring” are clinging to a stereotype that is way out of date. I love the CFL, but the NFL has not been boring in many, many years, and has arguably been as or even more exciting than the CFL in recent seasons, thanks to rules changes encouraging offence, the integration of some offensive ideas and formations that started in the CFL, and the end of the NFL’s previous aversion to running QBs (many examples) and smallish QBs (eg. Drew Brees).

I have watched every game since the grey cup and I will be watching the SB, as I have done for the last 20 years.

the pleasure will be somewhat tempered with eli manning and the giants in the game

sucked that eli got his first win faster than peyton did
sucks that eli gets his second chance before peyton
would really suck if eli won.

cant stand eli.

Seen a lot of entertaining SBs. Seen a mountain of entertaining NFL games.

What a treat to watch the likes of barry sanders and bo jackson and so many others.

everyones choice of course, but I (as far as football goes) pity those who can only enjoy CFL almost as much as I pity those who can only enjoy NFL.

No Fun League !! Super Bore !!

I really like the kick offs that go through the enzone or when they take a knee in the end zone :roll:
I really like the fair catch rule :roll:
I really like 4 downs :roll:
I really like 40 seconds in between plays :roll:
I really like all those commercials :roll:
I really like that ever touch down is reviewed :roll:
I really like that when you catch a touchdown and the defender knocks it out, its incomplete :roll:
I really like the overtime :roll:
I really like two feet in bounds on a catch :roll:
I really like when you spike the ball to stop the clock its not intentional grounding :roll:
I really like the tuck rule :roll:
I really like that they take two weeks off :roll:
I really like the Hype :roll:

Boring is in the eye of the beholder. You don't find it boring, some of us do.

Sometimes I wonder whether the ratings for the Super Bowl would be a lower in the US if it weren't for the new commercials. Sure seems like before and after the Super Bowl more people are talking about the commercials than the game.

But, The Pro Bowl is tonight in Hawaii :cowboy:

Benji i love your attitude towards the cfl and i agree i could care less who wins the super bowl or who's playing in it because i am not from the states and don't have a favorite team, i just don't understand how say someone from ontario can be a die hard dallas cowboys fan i will never understand that, but there all over the place the fact is ppl wanna see the four "major sports" and don't care about anything else, look at chl or ahl teams. We in canada claim to love hockey but alot of chl/ahl teams don't do well at the ticket office, now im sure there are ohl/ahl teams that are supported very well but for the most part their a afterthought. People like what they are told to like, ppl who dont watch football at all will tune in to watch the superbowl the same can not be said about the grey cup, i am sad to say i disagree about the nfl being boring now it used to be, but now they seem to pass a heck of alot more then they use to, i will watch part of it just because it is football, i was hoping for a baltimore vs new york game so the score would be 9-6 o well

You assume those who find it boring have never watched. That's quite the assumption you made there. I have tried a number of times to watch it but each time I find myself bored within a few minutes.

ADD really sucks big time, donit. :wink:

Enjoy watching the SB but if the wife says lets go to a movie, I'll do it and not be concerned.

No way she'd ever ask if it was the Grey Cup though, she'd know better. But she enjoys watching all football, loves the tight arses on the speed guys what can I say any league, as well as as usual we'll watch the SB but just not with the passion of a Grey Cup of course.

Man though I wish they would switch to 3 downs. 4 is like an 8 foot basket in basketball, for kids leagues. :?

Last Sunday, while listening to Psychedelic Psunday in my garage, I put on the TV-muted- to watch the NFL playoffs. I usually don't care, but this first game looked exciting and intense. I honestly can not tell you who was playing. I fell asleep half way through the second game ,but was told it was exciting too! The main reason I don't watch the NFL is because I find it too slow. The irony of Cdn. NFL fans who extol the virtues of the league is their blindness of the fact that for a few years now the NFL has been trying to capture the excitement that is common-place in the CFL. All the best to them,but give credit where it is due! I may watch some of the Super Bowl, but I'll be looking for costume malfunctions which history has shown is more important than the game, because I can't find one person who knows who was playing or who won that Super Bowl !

I could care less. I'm vaguely aware that it's New England vs. New York Giants and that it's next week. If I cared less, I wouldn't even be aware of those facts... :smiley:

I already have plans for Sunday.
Doesn't include watching football.

Funny, but all people talk about when it comes to this game is the point spread.
Obvious to me if it weren't for the betting that there'd be very little interest in this game north of the border.

Becuase frankly, I could care less who wins this thing.
Has zero impact on my life.

who cares

You do or you wouldn't have posted, dur.

bad logic

Canada was supposed to be the land of friendly people ..but it's really not. You read threads like this and all people do is talk trash about others.
If you don't like it move on watch your CFL when it starts up next summer and be happy with that.

You can call the NFL boring and whatever no NFL fan cares .. people complain about the 4 downs well you really want to know how many CFL games i watched with over and over 2 downs then punt 2 downs then punt 2 downs then punt YA THAT'S EXCITING ..and pretty predictable missed pass punt run missed pass punt short pass missed pass punt Both leagues have BORING times and boring games

The one good thing about living in the USA i don't hear people talking trash about other leagues like they are eager to prove something ....

on that note i dislike both teams lets hope for a 0-0 game and they both lose