Anybody else have a problem with the Field Goal Angle Shots?

It is honestly hard for me to tell most times whether the ball even goes in or not. I guess I am used to the American Field Goal angle views.

You mean the CFL is different than the NFL?? No way!!!

For me I look at the goal posts and if I ever see a break in the posts (i.e. the football crossing the posts) means it’s good. If you see solid posts from the start of the kick to the end, means it’s wide. Straight down the middle is a no brainer. This Logic works majority of the time.

Be it the NFL or CFL, and in the NFL usually they have also the camera under the goal posts viewing up, how I wish they showed such a shot by default when a kick is either a very long field goal attempt or goes close to either post.

In the CFL when the kick is short of course we can see readily about how much given the position of the return man.

The logic works for sure but unless it’s a certain clear day, either the bright sunshine or bad weather make it still hard to see. Even the announcers there often can’t tell from the press box.

Unless it is crossing from inside to out

Unless it is over the top of the posts (which is in fairness not common)

Really, there is no one angle that is perfect for all situations.

It would need to be broadcast in 3D for that.

That’s true.

Cable cam is great for any field goal.

I would watch a cable cam only feed of any game so long as they maintained the video game perspective showing all 24 players.