Anybody else getting frustrated...

By this year's interpretation of Defencive Pass Interference? Case in point - tonight's game between Ottawa ans Saskatchewan. A "Riders SB deliberately runs into OTT's HB and stiff-arms him in the facemask about 14-yds upfield. The pass goes incomplete. Sask challenges, and the ruling comes out to be DPI-Ottawa.

Has it now come down to the fact that Receivers can now initiate contact at will, and have the play then called a penalty? To me, this goes entirely against the intent of the game. I thought that ALL contact beyond 5-yds past the LOS is to be ruled a penalty; either Offensive of Defensive. It's no wonder why players on both sides of the ball cannot tell what IS contact, and what is NOT...

Totally agree. It's like in the NBA, where any contact is almost always called against the defender, even when the contact is initiated by the offence.

No problem with the rule (well, not much anyway), just the interpretation, especially by the Command centre. Absolutely ridiculous.

Snoozed off, and missed the play.
Same can be said for any referee.
I don't think we can count on "Command Center" to make many calls.

That is a really good analogy, I watch NBA games and just am like well guess that is a foul who the hell knows, I feel the same way watching CFL games now. The Riders got away with one at the end there I thought but I am not going to complain.

I agree. Of course, I lean more towards defence: "Offence scores points, defence wins games". I would prefer that the rule be changed back to allow contact up until the ball is actually thrown. If the QB runs around for a few seconds, you can almost guarantee that there will be contact somewhere. Be tough to call, but it would make the DBs and receivers play football.

I am also starting to feel that the command centre review is just another excuse to slot in a commercial break.

Watch the video where Ben Zambiasi and Less Browne watch the 1986 Grey Cup. You'll hear the comment at least once to the effect 'that would be interference now.'

Rule interpretation seems to be to encourage lots of completions, makes the game more exciting for most fans I suppose?

Exciting to me is a great football play, whether it is a reception, interception, knockdown, sack, etc....

Being from Hamilton I really enjoy a great D.


Ottawa totally got screwed on two plays late in the 4th as well. There was a phantom DPI ruling on Kaneh where 1: he never touched the receiver; and 2: it was an uncatchable pass. The other one was the blown/missed DPI against Williams where he was completely wrapped up by the CB. Unfortunately, OTT didn’t have a challenge left, but that is something that the so-called “eye-in-the-sky” is supposed to cover, right (never mind that all plays during the 3-min warning are subject to review by the Kommand Kommissariat)?

At least the “correct” team won, it brings OTT back down-to-earth after losing to the worst team in the league (at this point)…

They have ruined the game at least for the fans
every little contact or issue is now a replay challenge.
I'm a little tired of it it's ruining the game for me , I can just imagine how the players feel
Especially when they have to slow it down to slow motion and look at it frame by frame.
A good defensive or offensive play could be a penalty.

Each team is still only allowed to make two challenges per game (three if they were right the first two times).

All coaches should be forced to wear striped jerseys since essentially they make calls on pass interference. These calls delay the game and in most cases the decisions by central command questionable. Let’s play old fashioned football.