Anybody do the Doubleheader Yesterday

I like weekends like this. Drove down to Hamilton early Saturday morning and made it to the Ottawa - McMaster game at Ron Joyce Stadium. Was hoping that Ottawa would give Mac a better game but the blowout was officially on before the first half was over. This was my first game at the new Ron Joyce Stadium and I quite liked it. It has to be one of the best university stadiums around; good sight lines and reasonably (for a university stadium) comfortable seating. I just wish more people were there as it wasn't even half full.

Then it was over to Ivor Wynne and the Lion - Ticat game. That was a fun game. A large boisterous crowd who were really into the game. It was certainly a better experience than Rogers Mausoleum in Toronto Friday night. Best of luck to the Tiger-cats in the playoffs, but it is a shame there will be no home playoff game.

Your ambitious, Deerkeeper.

I wouldn't have the energy to get to two games in one day. You're either young or are taking lots of vitamins!!!

I wonder if anybody in Winnipeg did THEIR double-header...

I thought about doing both games but couldn't get into Hamilton on time. You picked a good double-header, deerhunter, with both of the home teams winning. I vaguely remember the Mac-Western, Ticats-somebody double-header at IWS around 2005, and both Mac and the Cats lost badly. And it was blazing hot.

When the Cats are on the road in 2013, I'm thinking about Mac seasons as a substitute. Wish there was a game closer to home, but Brock is not getting a team any time soon.