any1 know if the games on hd?

any1 know if tsn's showing the game in high def tonight

Based on their schedule it says it IS in HD tonight, Cant wait...

The only thing better than watching the Cats in HD on a 60 inch LCD is actually seeing them win.... beggers cant be choosers though.

damn, wish i had a 60 inch, im a cheap ass n got the 52 inch sony lcd:)

Isn't also viewing distance important in relation to screen size? I've heard that you should be no closer to a screen than double the width of the screen size.

i uno my tv sits like, maby 6 and a half feet away from me. you tell me lol

"In other words, move closer than twice the screen width size, and the picture scanning lines, pixel breakup and any other video artifacts will become too visibly intrusive - leading to distractions that will spoil your movie watching experience. Move further away than 5 times the screen width and your vision system will no longer be able to resolve all the picture detail"

[url=]http://www.practical-home-theater-guide ... tance.html[/url]

must be nice...I have a 10 year old 38" rear projection wide screen, no HD...I really need to upgrade haha

I'm waiting for the new led backlit Samsung 56" rear projection to hit the market and see what it looks like and the cost, just released a week or so in the States. Supposed to have 120% of the NTSC color gamut.

"July 23, 2006 — TWICE has reported that Samsung is now shipping 1080p rear projection televisions that use that use an LED array instead of a UHP lamp as a light source. The first model on the streets is the HL-S5697W, a 56" RPTV with an MSRP if $4,199.

This is a much-anticipated development for a variety of reasons. First, LED life spans are rated "conservatively" at 20,000 hours. This is in stark contrast to UHP lamps, which are often rated at 2,000 hours, and lose significant amounts of brightness long before that in many cases. Prices for UHP replacement lamps range from $200-$500.

Perhaps even more significant are the potential ways in which LED technology may improve the performance of DLP sets. First in that regard is the elimination of the color wheel in single-chip designs. Rainbow artifacts from the color wheel can be minimized but never eliminated without going to a three-chip DLP design, or using arrays of red, green and blue LED light sources as with this Samsung set.

In addition, LED's proponents claim increased color gamut, and who knows, perhaps even more accurate colors. While all of that remains to be seen, you can be sure UAV will review one of these sets just as soon as we can get our collective mitts on a review sample!"

i hate that abuot the lights, you have to replace then after watching to many hours of football!! so i jus goto the games:)

Just a 30" Samsung tube HDTV for me... but the resolution is just amazing.

aaarrrggggoooossss suck!

For Bigscreens now they basically recommend 10-15 FT for anything over 50".

Keep in mind that on HD it doesnt matter, Ive watched "LOST" and football in HD about 5 feet away and the picture is still incredible.

Crash can I come over and watch it at your place ? ... lol .....

yeh i watch the jays games on hd and my tv is like i said around 6 feet infront of me and it looks like i can jump in the game take the bases, you can see the little grains of dirt on the pitchers mound and little dirt balls, every blade of grass, it blows my mind.

Theres no point, by the time you sit down and have a beer i'll be changing it cause it will be too tough to watch :wink:

I couldn't care less how much sharper the images on my 21" TV could be,
as long as I have Ticat football on it and I can make out which team is the Ticats.

Come on folks.....let's get ready to's Game Day!!

Oskie Wee Wee...........Oskie Wa Wa

Come On Ticats...........Eat'em Raw!....Hooray!

Ha .... my projector craps bigger than that. Just teasing...enjoy. :slight_smile:

:lol: :o

127" wide ALL HD

My invite seemd to have been lost. :frowning: