Any word on the Cuts

Has Anyone Heard Anything about the final

The team has until midnight tonight so I would think with the amounts that need to made you might want to wait ill after midnight to find out the cuts.

mokhai Atogwe (DB)
Rod Barbers (DB)
Greg Bearman (DB)
Troy Cunningham (DL)
Davon Fowlkes (WR)
Iain Fleming (WR)
Talman Gardner (WR)(should have been Kept)
Pat Josten (QB)
Steve Josue (DL)
Jimmy Kosienski (OL)
Torrance Marsahall (LB)
Shawn Mayne (OL)
Claude Sanders (DL)
Rob Schroder (DL)

The following playes have been added to the team's injured list

Sandy Beveridge (DB)(should have been Cut)
Pascal Ceron (OL)
Anthony Davis (RB)
Giles Lezi (RB)(Should have been Cut)
Jamal Powell (OL)

Roster can be found here

[url=] ... rt=ros_pos[/url]