Any word on signing Syville Newton yet

We had a report in The State newspaper a couple of weeks ago that he had agreed in principle to a deal with Montreal, but I have seen nothing else. Anyone know if he has signed yet?

Teams are rounding totalling up their rosters for training camp at this point and in many cases CFL teams will have imports (American players)especially rookies on phantom squads to comply with league numbers. Or to facilitate trading other players. You should hear something in the first week of June if there is anything to the report. Hope this helps.

Now if this is the kid your talking about. I hope he has matured...

That site is run by an irrate Clemson fan. If you know anything about the rivalry between USC and Clemson you will understand. Syvelle has NEVER been in trouble. He is a great kid with great work ethic and a team attitude that is unbelivable. He will play anywhere you ask him too and you will never hear him complain.

Here is a link to his highlights you might enjoy:

Alouettes fans, you don't yet know how lucky you are to have Syvelle. He is very versatile, but I love him best at QB. I hope that he will receive ample opportunity to show his game. He's a character, too. As a side note, his brother, Cam, is an NFL player.

He is listed on the Als site as a QB and wearing #2. So it looks like he made it to rookie camp.

Sorry to tell ya Newton but he's practicing at WR.
He doesn't even have a QB jersey, a plain white one with the WR at camp today. We've got a 4th QB Proctor that was throwing around as 4th so it looks like Newton will have a shot at making the team as a WR (cause he wasn't going to make the team at QB the way Brady and Kingsbury are throwing).
Looked like he had good speed bursts off the line though.

That is exactly where I thought he would end up. You guys have no idea what kind of team player you have in him. Hope he take the Al's to the cup again this year.


I know I said I like Newton best @ QB, but WR is my second choice. He's not too shabby there etiher! Glad to see he's getting some reps. Jeffcoat's right, he's a real team guy. If only he could have played his entire college career at a single position...

Both Starting WR position are wide open. With his size if Newton can run routes and has good hands and enough speed to break coverage (Not easy task in CFL). He can be a starter this year. Popp probably gave him the choice. For this year anyway this is the way to go for him. There is no way he was going to be 1 or 2 at the QB position. That would have meant a practice roster spot. That means no play time and no exposure.

So its in his hands now. All he has to do is be one of the two best WR at camp...

The guy left camp...