Any word on Setta?

Was he practicing this week? Is he expected to play?

Well they haven't signed another kicker, so I'm gonna say yes.

IMO, Nick will play.

He didn't look restricted but
I am sure his back was tight.

He exercised all during every practice as usual
and he was careful to not strain his back

He worked in some easy kicking by yesterday.

He will likely be icing his back a lot on his own
in between periods of loosening up this weekend.

He is a fanatic about fitness.

Let's hope he is not forced in to any tackling Monday, and with Porter looking so good we will not need him to throw the nicest looking throw of the game anymore.

They Do have Mariuz Ready For Field Goals & Bauman for Punting If needed.

that sounds solid...

Very shaky, really, Mak.

Assuming that they have punted/kicked years ago

a wee bit of practice for several days with unlimited time
to get the play off and nobody coming in to hit them

doesn't make up for years of not practicing the art
in the heat of the game against an opponent's rush.

Nicky will start and finish as our
punter/kicker come hell or high water.